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Seeking Knowledge

No description

Mohammad Ali Hijazi

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Seeking Knowledge

Seeking Knowledge
Duty #10
you should know how to connect the science to it's purpose, and the importance of it.
what's important should be considered with the dunia and the hereafter
The starting point to succeed in your work is the Adab that controls and manages the learner and the teacher.
If the manners does not mannage the relation between the teacher and the student, the journey of knowledge will fail.
There will be 9 Duties that a Muslim learner should have
Duty #1
Knowledge is the heart worship, the secret prayer, and the deep approach to Allah swt.
We should stay away from ill manners and rejected Character & bad attributes.
As the prayer is not accepted without purification, the same is for the construction of the heart, it wont be achived unless it is purified from the dirty attributes and character
Duty #2
While learning, stay away from the Dunia, worldly matters as it will distract you and kill your time.
Allah swt said: Allah did not create two hearts for a person. Which means we need to focus on each task completely.
it was said: you wont get some of the kowledge if you dont give of of yourself to it, and if you give some of your attention to it then you are in danger.
like the river that had it's water distributed and branched away.
So from here we conclude the importance of learning about the Manners of the Learners & Teachers
Duty #3
Do not be arrogant with your teacher
Know that your teacher is there to help you
let your teacher be in charge as he has the information that you need.
listen to the teachers' advice as the patient listens to his doctor's
You won't learn with your ego. The only person to learn is the humble
be for the teacher like the fertile land that received a heavy rain
Duty #4
Avoid the differences of opinions at the beginning
This will confuse your mind and frustrate your heart and put down your energy
So get skillful wth one opinion and then learn about the differences
Duty #5
don't leave any kind or art of knowledge without learning about it. and knowing its purpose.

sciences are all linked to each others, with their majors, topics and subjects
Duty #6
don't get into all kinds of knowledge on one go, take it easy and slow down to step by step approach
as you live too short to recieve all the sciences, so learn the best of each or any.
the best of knowledge and the purpose of all knowledges is knowing Allah swt, and it's an ocean that you won't reach its deapest.
the best pf people are the prophets and then those who are close to Allah swt
Duty #7
don't get into new major until you undstand well the one before it.
you will succeed when you are organized between majors
Ali Said: the fact is not known by people, know the fact and you will know it's people.
Duty #8
You must know the reason behind studying any major
you learn Shariah (Islamic Studies) for the hereafter success, and you learn worldly sciences for the dunia success
know the priority between sciences (Maths or Asrology)
Duty #9
Your intention must be to acquire virtue and self purification, to excalate with your attributes and get closer to Allah swt.
your intention should not be fame and position, like you want to be an MD to be called a doctor.
you should not belittle any other science
you should not show off your knowledge
your purpose always must be pleasing Allah swt
Allah swt said: Allah escalates who believe and acquire knowledge levels
He swt said: whoever does an atom of good will see it, and whoever does an atom of bad will see it.
With your partner, revise the 10 duties you have learnt and state them down summarized
Aadaab & Duties
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