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Food Miles

No description

Tayla C

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Food Miles

Disadvantages of short food miles
The food could get bugs on it, that would give the food germs.
It might take a while to grow.
There wouldn't be as much variety.
if you are not a good gardener the food could not turn out right.
If you try to get rid of bugs with bug spray it could affect the crops.
What Are Food Miles?
Food miles are how far food travels to get to to the consumer.
All different components of the food you are eating may come from different countries.
Advantages Of Long food Miles
disadvantages of long food miles
Australians will lose their jobs.
Food can go off if it travels a long way or for a long time.
It could take longer to get to you.
The quality might not be as goof in other countries.
The packaging could be in another language.
The cost would be higher.
Something Special
The amount of food air-freighted around the world has risen by 140% since 1992
every year 333 million tonnes of food across the UK, generates 41.5 billion tonne-kilometers of transport.
It will cost less money.
you know how its been grown.
They would be fresh out of the garden.
The food would not have been preserved or processed.
Foods From Cupboard at home
Cayenne Pepper (ground), Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.
Cinnamon (ground), Victoria, Australia
Nestle Milo Australia
Ayam Coconut Milk, Malaysia
Achacha Honey, North Queensland, Australia
Manuka Honey, Australia
Ardmona Chopped Tomatos, (Shepparton) Victoria, Australia
It could be better quality.
food from different countries could be preserved better.
Bibliography for pictures


Main Idea
Food miles
advantages of short food miles
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