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What is love?

No description

matteo stoppato

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of What is love?

It conquers all
It's all you need
It's all there is
Love is potentially the most intensely thought about thing in all of human history
-centuries of obsession
Love is also a set behaviors:
- holding hands
- kissing
- hugging
- public displays of affection
- dating
- marriege
- having kids
-... or just sex
Maybe love is just
-a personal mystery
-a neural pathways
-permanent or temporary addiction to a person
-DNA's optimal method for bringing its own replication
-biology's way to make you continue our species
Is it just a construct?
If no two people are the same,
no two people's love is the same.

It's a feeling
a magical emotion
a feeling never felt before
What is love?
Is a verb?
A noun?
An ideal?
A common thread of all religions?
A cult?
A neurological phenomenon?
You can define by comperisons, ways of defining it by contrast
But feelings are fluid....
not very concrete foundation for a definition
culturally relative
Love is constructed from reality:


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