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What is a Prezi?

How to begin a presentation

Rasyiq Rahman

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of What is a Prezi?

What is a Prezi? By: Mr Rasyiq Zoom In
Zoom Out
Forward Arrows
Back Arrows
Autoplay Ready to create your IPW group presentation...? How to navigate your Prezi Click on objects to Zoom In
Click the background to Zoom Out
Click the Forward & Back arrows
Autoplay Use templates to create meaning for your presentation... How do you create a Prezi? What are the methods to Present? What are the functions on your
Prezi Screen? What are the contents to insert & edit How to edit content? Select to change (to replace & format)
1. Delete
2. Move
3. Resize
4. Rotate
5. Order
6. Edit path points for the order of frames to present How do you save your Prezi? Use the Save button How do you edit your Prezi content? Use Edit Mode How do you present your completed Prezi? Use Present Mode After creating a template...
whats next? Zooming In & Out or Panning
Control Buttons on the ToolBar
Transformation Tool
Path Sidebar (shows thumbnails & set the paths for the order of frames to show in Present Mode) Text (Articles) shapes Pictures, Video & Audio Don't forget to invite your members to edit
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