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Selection :

No description

Cooper Johnson

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of Selection :

Selection :
Bridge Weight Limit
Question :
Is the truss with the suspension on
the top stronger that the one with the suspension on the bottom?
Research Plan :
What everyday materials could you build a bridge out of, what could an everyday weight be, could I make a bridge out of simple materials, where can I find those materials, could pop cycle sticks be strong enough?
Bibliography :
Conducting the Experiment :
The bucket plus the block that I used on the experiment to the right weighed 2.81oz, while the bridge it's self weighs 4.6oz.
The experiment on the left weighs 2.5oz and it could hold the bucket plus a block that equal 5.17oz.
This could hold 25.8lbs
This could hold 20lbs
23in long, 4in wide, -5in high
14in long, 4.5in wide, 4in high
Hypothesis :
I believe the over truss
will be stronger.
Conclusion :
My hypothesis was correct and
smaller bridges are stronger.
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