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The Andromeda strain

Hon. Bio project

Jonathan Frias

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Andromeda strain

By: Jonathan Frias
Danny Lopez
Savannah Tran
Nick Boylan The Andromeda Strain
Hon. Bio
Ms. Holly 6 * Profession: Chairman/professor at Standford's bacteriology department. Characteristics Thin, balding man with prodigious memory that catalogued scientific facts and blue jokes with equal facility. 36 years of age Stone has already married four times. Sense of impatience
Habit of interrupting Mark Hall and Jeremy Stone realized that the organism mutated.
Stone was responsible, through his political contacts, for advocating the Wildfire project since he was the one who did research that led to Project Wildfire. Contribution to Wildfire Contributions: Achievements Won a Noble Prize (1961) 1955- First to use the technique of multiplicative counts for bacterial colonies
1957- Developed Method for liquid pure suspension
1960- Presented a radical new theory of operon activity in E. Coli and S. Tabal and developed evidence for the physical nature of the induces and repressor substance.
1963- Created informal seminar group Has a wife
Married 4 times.
Thirty-six years old.
Was a law student at Michigan. Jeremy Stone Jeremy Stone in the TV show The Andromeda Strain (2008) In 1963, Stone wrote a letter to the President relating to the risk of alien bacteria infecting earth aboard returning American satellites. Based on his ideas, the government created a protocol for disinfecting all men and equipment returning from space. Stone formed a committee that submitted a Life Analysis Protocol, which detailed the way any living thing could be studied. This protocol had the construction of the Project Wildfire facility in Flatrock, Nevada.
Stone does not realize that he is being used by the government in the hopes that he can help the military advance its development of biological weapons. lalalalalalalalalalala I think I lost an electron. I’d better keep an ion that. :D Random Science Joke! Thanks for watching!
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