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McKesson: Workplace Cultural Testing Packet

No description

Gabby Whitmire

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of McKesson: Workplace Cultural Testing Packet

McKesson: Workplace Cultural Testing Packet
My Original Deliverable
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Test satisfaction of new software
Issues with customers willingness for change

*New software upgrade did not occur

My Actual Deliverable
1. Obtain a organizational cultural assessment
2. Test Business Advisors
3. Compile results for host to assess
Internship Timeline
Internship Journal
Overview of McKesson
Medical Surgical Supplies and Pharmaceutical Distribution

Health Care Information Technology
Enterprise Information Solutions
McKesson Imaging & Workflow Solutions
International Operations Group
McKesson Business Performance Services
McKesson Health Solutions
What Went Well?

Final deliverable

Changing deliverable
Cultural Assessment costs


What is Organizational Culture?
"How purpose, commitment, and order are generated in an organization both through the feelings and actions of its founder and through the amalgam [mixture] of beliefs, ideology, language, ritual, and myth"

"[Organizational culture] represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organizational members and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology, and strategy, type of employees, management style, and national culture..."

Widely spread
Clearly stated
Closely held
Dictate attitudes and behaviors
Enterprise Information Solutions
McKesson Enterprise Information Solutions provides hospitals and health systems with comprehensive clinical and financial information systems, as well as world-class infrastructure and hosting services to enable them to succeed under health reform and beyond.
What am I Most Proud of?
Gabrielle Whitmire
Tina Foster, RN, MBA, Black Belt Six Sigma, Vice President, Performance Analytics
Strategic Intelligence
Population Health
Capacity Management
Quality Intelligence
Create an organizational assessment "packet"
Why Organizational Culture?
Organizational Culture as a new management strategy
strong positive cultures lead to productivity and efficiency increases
employee's frame of reference
reduces voluntary turnover

The Business Advisor Team

Progress Toward Objective
What Things Did Not Go as Expected?
Competing Values Framework

Packet included:
General information on CVF (Why this Assessment)
Sample Assessment
Information on quadrants
Information on how to make changes
Planning worksheet to implement changes
Why a Testing Packet?
Valid for future use

"Learning through doing"



Overview of Presentation
Overview of Host Organization & Enterprise Information Technology

Deliverable (Original v. Actual)

What is Organizational Culture?

Why Organizational Culture? Why a Testing Packet?

Progress Toward Objective

What Went Well? What Did Not Go Well?

What am I Most Proud Of?

My Deliverable
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