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Cookie Monster

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethiopia!

By Maddy Stewart 7D
Ethiopian Flag:
The Ethiopian flag has three stripes going across the flag. The colours are (top to bottom) green, yellow and red. The flags emblem is a blue
circle in the flags middle with a gold star in the center.
The estimated amount of people
living in Ethiopia in 2012 was...
91,195,675 million people!

The official language of Ethiopia is the Amharic Language. There are 82 other languages spoken Ethiopia including Birale, Ge'ez, Zay, Tigrigna, Gyeto, Ari, Afarigna, Mursi, Dime and many more.
The Main religions
in Ethiopia
are Judaism,
and Islam
The coordinates of Addis Ababa 9 Degrees North and 38 Degrees East.
The three biggest Cities by population are Addis Ababa, Nazret
and Jima.
Natural Disasters:
On June 12th 2013 a volcano erupted and most food in Ethiopia was contaminated by its ashes. Between 2011 and mid 2012 a servere drought affected Ethiopia and east Africa. On august 25th 2010 heaving flooding affected the north of Ethiopia causing many issues.
Ethiopia is mainly known
for it's leather industries, due to
its live stock population of
50 million cows, 23 million goats
and 25 million sheep. There are
around fifteen hundred
private traders that are registered.
Other industries include Natural gum processing, ethiopian
hand made crafts(ETTE), and
natural mineral
Ethiopia is 1,104,300 km² and has 23 major cities. The capital city is Addis Ababa.
Ethiopia is located in the northern hemisphere in Africa.
Ethiopia has three climates,
a tropical climate, a
semi-tropical climate
and a cool zone.
Semi-tropical=woina dega
Cool zone=dega
Ethiopia has 11 main river including Blue Nile, Omo and Wenz.
Native Animals:
Lions, African Elephants, Bush pig and Hyenas.
Natural Resources:
include Plantinum, copper, little gold, postash and hydro power.

Native plants:
Pyracatha, Poinsettia and Jasmine.
In 1974 the leader of government was kicked out by the military. The military ran government as a whole until the lieutenant colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam became leader of the government in 1977. Mengistu stayed as leader until 1991. During this period Ethiopia fought against it's own people in a what is now called the "Red Terror.
Archeologists have found
fossils of the oldest human
ancesters of the
Ethiopian. The Ardipithecus
ramidus kadabba fossils are
between 5.8-5.2 million
years old, and the
Australopithecus anamensis
fossils are 4.2.million years old.
These fossils guarantee that the
Native African people
have been there
since the start of man kind.
History: War with Eritrea:
In May 1998 Ethiopia and Eritrea disagreed about there borders which caused border clashes and a dangerous and serve war leaving 80,000 people dead.
Australia compared to Ethiopia
have deserts
have mountains
have farms
have a government system
voting age 18
drinking age 18
6 years in secondary school
good farming land
good economics
7,741,220 km²
Aus Dollar
speak English
drive on left side
canberra- capital city
22,262,501 people
+61 = calling code
start secondary school age 12.
poor country
poor farming land
birr = currency
speak Amharic
drive on the right hand side
Addis Ababa - capital city
93,877,025 people
+251 = calling code
start secondary

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