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Multi Genre Project

No description

Jacqueline Cruz

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of Multi Genre Project

Character Analysis of Equality 7-2521/Prometheus
Equality, the main character of the novel “Anthem”, experiences a number of changes throughout the novel as he deals with being different from the rest of society, and living in a world where individuality is non-existent, and what isn’t good for the rest of humanity is considered evil along with those who are unlike the other people in their community.
In the beginning of the novel Equality has a sense of individuality, but tries to hide it and be like everyone else. As the novel starts Equality writes “It is a sin to write this” (17) and that “It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others see” (17). Equality, who has spent his whole life in this society, begins to find his sense of self by expressing himself in his “diary” that he keeps hidden from others. Even though Equality is finding his sense of self he is still bound by the way of life that he has become accustomed to over the years because as he is writing his thoughts he says “May we be forgiven” (17) showing that he has yet to either realize or accept the fact that he is different from the others and that in doing this he is showing his true nature. When at the Home of the Students Equality learned preference he found that he “loved the Science of Things” (23) and secretly “wished to be sent to the Home of the Scholars” (24) showing that he is slowly changing his character from one of oppression to one of strong will.
In the middle of the novel, when Equality discovers electricity, he begins to see the flaws of the society he lives in saying that “the Council of Scholars is blind” (52) and he has also begun to speak to the female Liberty 5-3000 or “The Golden One”. Even though he knows that it is against the law he has changed so much that he says “We do not care. We forget all men, all laws and all things save our metals and our wires” (54). Equality continues to change throughout the novel in different ways. Another way that Equality has changed is when he goes to the Uncharted Forest he begins to experience freedom and joy saying, when the sun awakens him, “We thought suddenly we could lie thus as long as we wished” (78), and pride when he killed and ate the bird and found “a great satisfaction … in the food we need and obtain by our own hand” (79).

The Uncharted Forest
Genre #8: Birth Certificate
Wedding Invitation
Multi Genre Project
By: Kameron Sparks, Jacqueline Cruz, Citlalli Flores, Jalen Hoyt

Genre #9: Play scene
(The GOLDEN ONE kneels at the moat. They raise the water to their lips and then look at EQUALITY 7-2521. They stare for a moment then rise and walk to the hedge. EQUALITY 7-2521 looks at them.)
You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000.

(The GOLDEN ONE's eyes widen, showing triumph but they do not move.)

What is your name?

Equality 7-2521.

You are not one of our brothers, Equality 7-2521, for we do not wish you to be.

No, nor are you one of our sisters.

If you see among scores of women, will you look upon us?

We shall look upon you, Liberty 5-300, if we see you among all the women of the earth.

Are street sweepers sent to different parts of the city or do they always work in the same places?

They always work in the same places and no one will take this road away from us.

Your eyes are not like the eyes of any among men.

(EQUALITY 7-2521 meets their eyes and suddenly feels cold to their stomach.)

How old are you?

(The GOLDEN ONE understanding what EQUALITY 7-2521 meant, lower their eyes.)


(EQUALITY 7-2521 sighs, feeling a burden be taken off their shoulders but their lips draw tight with hatred. GOLDEN ONE smiles slowly but with sadness. Three of the SISTERS appear and so the GOLDEN ONE walks away. They take the bag of seeds and throw the seeds as they walk away. The seeds fly wildly for the GOLDEN ONE's hand trembles.)
Genre #10: Movie Poster + Review
This movie really captures the discovery of human identity, freedom, and how one can oppose a society that promotes collectivism as the only way to contribute to the community. The line 'I am. I think. I will.' especially stands out to me as establishment of oneself as well as encouragement to the ones watching. This film shows the concept of a communist regime at play and the restrictions one goes through as well as the consequences when one decides to rebel. Truly an excellent film that makes people think, whether it be how they would be in this society or how others still are.
Great family trip
Bring all your friends
Travel to the
Uncharted Forest
why follow the system & live a boring life with your brothers doing boring work, when you can be free of the chains of society & think for yourself instead of as a group?

Come to the
& enjoy all the birds and mountain goats
can kill. There is no better feeling than eating food
obtain by

Saint of the Pyre
Aka "the Transgressor", died

at the stake after having his tongue cut out & being set aflame,
for speaking the unspeakable word. Unlike the other saints in his community, such as the Saints of Labor, Saints of the
Councils, or the Saints of the Great Rebirth, the
Transgressor was happy to go against the grain.
His is survived by no one. There was no
memorial held...He won't be
El Bosque Desconocido
3 lb. Goat meat
(medium rare only)
nice and ready to eat
The equality
squirrel meat with a free bird/green beans
Character Archetypes: The Denied Hero - Equality 7-2521
Location: El Bosque Desconicido

Address: 745Tunneldr
Street Sweepers Wanted!!
Salary per hour $2:00
*Requirements: No talking or else you'll get killed!!*
Please contact us at: 345)-775wekeepthestreetsclean
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