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Week 3 Lesson 3 (Term 2): Unpacking SAC 2

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Liam Brooks

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Week 3 Lesson 3 (Term 2): Unpacking SAC 2

Week 3 Lesson 3 (Term 2): Unpacking SAC 2
To understand the key features of SAC 2 - Analysing argument.

Students will be able to articulate the recommended structure for SAC 2.
Entry activity: Using template sentences to...

identify contention
identify and explain the impact of emotive language

1. Working in pairs.
2. Read the letter to the editor on the right.
3. Use these three template phrases to clarify your thinking and writing. Write three sentences using these templates:

For contention:

The writer asserts that...
For contention:
The author contends that...

For emotive language:

Value-laden words such as '...' and '...' are designed to...

On whether politicians' entitlements should be changed:
Using template sentences to help guide your thinking and writing
Using template sentences to guide your thinking and writing

1. Working individually.

2. Pick a small letter to the editor on one of the issues in your issues booklet.

3. Use the template sentences from pp.2-3 of your template sentences handout to describe

emotive language
other persuasive techniques
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