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The Colorado Film Collective

No description

Brittney Rothal

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of The Colorado Film Collective

Elevator Pitch
The Team
Market Fit/Competitive Landscape
Mission Statement: The Colorado Film Collective strives to produce small budget, independent feature films within the beautiful state of Colorado. The collective fosters emerging, underground, and divisive voices and helps to create high quality narrative films, beginning with our first feature,
Badass Betty
Our Solution

Market “Opportunity”:
Market, Size & Target Client
Market Problem & Current Other Solutions
The Colorado Film Collective


* Capitalizes on new tax incentives
* member of the collective grew up in Colorado.
* Our chances of being accepted into Colorado's major
film festivals are higher if our films made in Colorado.
*We have to establish our place of business and relationships with in the community.
*Only 5 million dedicated to the tax incentive
*Application process is on a selective basis and not first come first serve.
*Advantage in getting resources from the state - closing roads, community outreach
*Building a good reputation and relationships
*Private “angel” donors from arts community.
*Opportunity to be a major studio in the future
*Not being selected for the incentive- loose 20% of funding
*Artistic compromise in order to secure funding
*Market over crowding
*Other production companies could burn relationships established.
Business Model:
Key Revenue Streams

Financial Projections
The Ask:
How much do you desire to raise?
Capital Raise/Uses
Director of Photography/Writer
Melisse Sporn
Brittney Rothal
Sam Goodwin
Production Designer
Clara Maria Díez
Assistant Editor/Post Supervisor
Arianna Church
Problem -
A lack of Film production even though Colorado has a huge film community, wealthy investors, two universities with film schools and some of the biggest film festivals in the country.
Our Solution -
To start a production company in Colorado that makes small budget independent feature films with Colorado crew and locations. Our movie will cost at most $500,000 and be crewed with the majority of people who pay income tax in Colorado.

We will then sell our movie to a distribution company that will give notoriety and acclaim to our production company and show other people how easy it is to make a hit in Colorado.
Current Solutions -
The state has set up a 20% tax incentive for media that uses a majority of crew who pay income tax in Colorado. They have allotted 5 million in tax incentives with a 100,000 dollar minimum cost per project.
Marketing Approach & Strategy:
Key Expenses/Time-Efforts
Tarantino-like Film
Strengths and Competitive Advantages
Colorado Film Festivals:
Women+Film Voices Film Festival
This week-long Festival will showcase a mix of short films, documentaries, and feature presentations as well as salon discussions and many in-person guests in order to highlight thought-provoking, inspirational stories of women from around the world.
Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival
The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival is the longest continuous-running women's film festival in North America. It showcases documentary, feature, short and animated films that are thought-provoking and enriching, and that encourage global awareness and personal growth.
Colorado Independent Women of Film
Colorado Independent Women of Film celebrates a unique style, perspective, and artistic vision within Colorado’s indie film making community. Submission is FREE and is open to projects that have been produced, directed, written, or edited by women who call Colorado home.
Other Colorado Festivals
Boulder International Film Festival
Indie Spirit Film Festival
Telluride Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival next door
Foreign Market Distributors:
Clara graduated from the Florida State University Film School where she learned extensively on multiple aspects of film making. She stayed in school to seek another degree in Art History to expand on her knowledge and love of art.
Her passion for film and art has lead her down the path of Production Design where she strives to use her creativity and artistic skills to bring director's visions to life.
Melisse's love for cinematography was born when she was given her mom's Nikon FM2 circa 1982 and she began shooting 35 mm black and white photography. Through film school, Melisse was introduced to the digital format of the RED Epic and loved it.
Melisse brings an innovative perspective to the Colorado Film Collective that will bring audiences full force into the stories that we tell.
Arianna's uncanny ability to nag about things that won't be relevant until 3 months from now could be considered planning ahead and every group needs a planning genius. When she's not worrying about the future she's lost in the black hole that is the post production hall and deciding how many pick up days we'll need.
Brittney plans to use her talents in art, people skills, and production design to work her way into a position as director, production designer, and writer for original films in the future. Films that have had a lasting impact on her life as an aspiring filmmaker include Amelie, Exit Through the Gift Shop, SLC Punk!, I’m a Cyborg But that’s OK, and Gummo. Dance and music are also great inspirations in her work, musicians such as Cocorosie, Purity Ring, A Tribe Called Red, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, Beats Antique and many other artists in the punk, grunge, and tribal fusion and dub scenes influence her stlye as an up and coming filmmaker.
Colorado Springs Independent Film Collective
1080 Studios
Cero Productions
Citizen Pictures
AEC Studios
As a collective we differ from these companies with the advantages of being independent, write and produce our own features. We are also more artistically inclined, with training from Florida, and unique perspectives as Millenials.
Sam' s ultimate goal is, and always has been to make interesting movies in the most interesting place in the world. He (at first) begrudgingly left Colorado to attend the Film Program at Florida State University. He's glad he did though, as it gave him a wealth of experience to add to his passion for filmmaking. He has his projects he wants to write and direct, but he's incredibly excited to work with such talented women on such a unique idea. He's good with people, he loves to work, and he absolutely loves the place.Above all, He can't wait to get shooting this movie.
Not a distribution company!
(not set up for it)
But purchasing deals from film markets and independent distributors.
Low budget, easily profitable films that are attractive to distributors at festivals
Sell for low with higher bonuses or revenue %
Comparable films like "Winter's Bone," "Brick," and "It Follows"
20% film rebate program for the state of Colorado
Foreign Presales
Angel Investors
Bounty Killer (2013)
-Features female bounty hunter lead
-Cost $1 million, 18-day shoot
-Domestic DVD/Blu-Ray sale:
$1,132,000 (revenue of about $132,000)
-Limit release release in theaters
Starz Denver Film Festival
-Sell 20% of the film ($100,00) to foreign pre-sales by selling it to foreign distributors
-Selling to foreign distributors covers us in case we don't get the 20% incentive from Colorado
-We want to push to get money upfront form foreign pre-sales as opposed to at delivery
-Target: 18-39 year old males and females
-19 Million people based on 2012 statistics of people paying to go to movies

Domestic Distribution:
-Sell film to Cinedigm
-We're interested in their physicals goods distribution, indie direct distribution and branded OTT/Apps/Channels

-International Film Distribution Consultants
ex: Transporter 3, Rambo, Slumdog Millionaire, The Grude
-Jaguar Films International Distribution
ex: Megapython vs Gatoroid, Escape Plan
-Eros International
ex: Action Jackson, Happy Ending
Time Table for Execution and Roll-out:
-During development, 20% pre-sale to foreign market
-Upon completion, shop to festivals for one year, searching for domestic distributors
-Rent a theater for private release, inviting domestic distibutors
-Film is being sold to Cinedigm

Anti-Hero Female Protagonist
Total: $500,000
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