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ASCA Intro

No description

Jeff Steuernagel

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of ASCA Intro

Why a counseling model for International schools? Hiring Mobility Role clarity Common Language Who benifits from a comprehensive guidance program? All Stakeholders Students Faculty Administration Parents What is the ASCA Model? ASCA Model The ASCA Model at HKIS Four parts In 2009-20010 we wrote a HKIS Counseling
mission statement, philosphy and our R-12 beliefs
about school counseling.

We also review our developmental curriculum
crosswalk, and began to align the ASCA Standards
with the HKIS SLRs & 40 Developmental Assests. In 2009-2010 the HS Program initiated the Freshman Seminar
Course, a Freshman Parent Seminar Series, a Career unit for
Sophomores, and committed to seeing each student individually
every year for individual planning. In 2009-2010:

The counselors conducted a Time and Task anaylsis.
Important discussions we're shared on how we catagorize our
daily work into the four management categories;
individual planning, guidance curriculum, systems support
and non-guidance.

A Google Doc system for R-12 program calendar was produce.

Baseline survey results of the HS Program from 2008-2009 were reviewed
with a plan for a follow-up in the 2010-2011 school year.
1 Counselor served on the
Career Structure Piolot Group &
3 Counselor completed the NBST
Take One! Portfolio.

The R-12 Counselors met monthly
to work towards RAMP Certification, using
the Program Audit as a framework.
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