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hadeel ali

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Working with and through others.

Achieving organizational objectives.

Coping with a changing environment.

Making the most of limited resources.

Balancing effectiveness and efficiency.

Industry & Trade

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
A family investment established in 1986

Mr. Mohammed Abdalrahman.

What do they do?

Concepts that are going to be talked :
1-Effectiveness & Effeminacy
2- Hierarchy of Authority.
3- Modern & Traditional view .
4- Programmed & non-programmed.
5- Selection of Employees
6- Training
7- The Internationalization Process

مDone by :
Hadeel Al_ashwal.
Manal Al-Haisami.

Keffaia Al-Gaffan.

Defaf Al-Matari.
Salwa Al-Reqi.

Hierarchy of Authority
Selection of employs:

Methods of training :

Training employees to use specific machines

Teaching office workers English

Teaching computer literacy

Make more products no waste
Melting the scraps

Modern and Traditional Views

Open-system (modern) is used at Al-Dar company (choosing distributors)

They care about the external environment as well as the internal environment. They believe that they live in uncertainty and unpredictable environment.
E-business :
E-business: a business that uses the internet for more effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of it operations

They have products that can be displayed online so more people know about this company and what their services are


The Internationalization Process
1- Licensing
2- Exporting
3- Local warehousing
4- Local assembly
5- Joint venture
6- Direct foreign investment

They export to South East Africa
They import from China, Jordan, and Thailand (not internationalization for them)
They are capable of 1, 2, and 6

Effectiveness & Efficiency
Non-programmed :

For example : A machine breaks down

For example: revolution interfering with attendance of employees (dorms)
Electricity problems (generators)
- Ethnocentric

- Polycentric

- Geocentric

- Geocentric attitude is one that used in Al-Dar company.
- For example: The employees vary in ethnic origin, but are all underlined by one common denominator, they work to make Al-Dar group the best.

- selection of media.ز

- The company has chosen a media richness in all its communication relations.


- Meaning of motivation.
- Method used for motivate employee in AL-DAR company:
1-The communication method is considered as a motivation.
2-Flexible work time (( 7 hours a day )).
3-An annual ceremony for anniversary of incorporation to reward employee.

Executive reality check:
It is a concept in the controlling function for any manager to do.
This concept is strongly applied in AL-DAR company.
Executive reality check improves employee performance and product quality.

Product Quality:
- Conformance to requirements.
- Five types of product quality:
1- transcendent.
2- product-based.
3- user-based.
4- manufacturing-based.
5- value-based quality.
- AL-DAR company applies two approaches for Product quality from the five types which are product-based and user-based.

- This company is doing exceptionally well in some aspects of management, but as nothing is perfect, it needs improvement in some areas.


8- Attitudes
9- Communication
10- Motivation
11- Executive Reality Check
12- Product Quality
13- E-business.
14- Recommendation

Al-Dar company just draws their employee cordoning to their best talents no matter what are their nationalities.
Thanks for listening
Supervised by:

Mr. Sharaf AlKibsi
1- More diverse labor force

2-More methods of motivations for employees such as being a family friendly company and give employees paid sabbaticals.

3-More employee involvement in decision making.

4- Apply proceed model in the process of selection the employees.

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