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Cree & Huron.

No description

Quinn Moore Brown

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Cree & Huron.

Cree & Huron.
Inside you'll find...
- Customs and traditions.
- Clothing.
-Tools & Weapons.
-And more.

Cree customs & traditions
-Music was an important part of Cree life.
-Music was used to give thanks for an event or a special time of year.
-One of the most important instruments for the cree was the drum.
-They would hit the drum with the players hand or a mallet to make sound.
Huron customs & traditions
-Huron would hold feasts and festivals throughout the year.
-Huron held festivals and feast differently for each season.
-When strawberries were ripe the Huron knew it was time to plant pumpkin, beans, and corn.
-To announce a festival or a feast a person walked around the village calling details.
Huron clothing
Materials. Types of clothing.
-Animal skins.
-Moose hair.
-Face paint.
-Shirts(With removable sleeves).

-Breach cloth.
-porcupine roaches.
-Deer skin.
-Animal hair.
-Face paint (red,white).
-Birch bark.
-String(animal hair)
-Houses need basic tools.
-They made a mallet with stone string and wood.
-women would have leveled the field with a wooden hoe.
- Game hunting required a bow
some arrows and knives made
from bone.

Huron tools & Weapons
-Bows and arrows were used far away but tomahawks,daggers, and spears were used to kill animals from close distance.
-They would use tomahawks also known as war clubs and daggers.
-The bows and arrows were made from buffalo hides and birch wood.
Cree tools & Weapons
-Women farmed to feed the community &for the trade.
-Maize was the primary crop.
-women gathered berries.
-Men fished and hunted.
-Longhouses stored all their food.
-Meats and veggies dried.
Huron food
-Buffalo was the main food.
-Meat dried or cooked.
-women collected berries.
-They fished.
-Most of their food are from crops.
-their were baskets for food to be safe from wild animals.
Cree food
Huron shelter
Cree teepees
-Animal skin.
-Strings (animal hair).

Cree shelter
Cree clothing
Materials types of clothing
Customs and traditions Quinn
Clothing Caitlyn
Shelter Ishil
Food Asha
Tools/weapons Maryam
Thank you...
Ms.Fielding & fellow classmates (:
Bye for now.....
ha ha ha !!!!
moose stew
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