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The American Civil War

No description

Lisa Lane

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of The American Civil War

Identify the Confederate capital.

Describe the Battle of Manasas.
Sightseers from Washington traveling in carriages and carrying picnic lunches followed the troops to watch what they thought would be a very quick battle for Union. The Union lost, and when they fled, they were blocked by panicked sightseers. Carriages overturned, horses fell, and the road was blocked for hours.

How would you explain the African Americans’ involvement in the war?
At first:
neither side let AA serve in the army, free or not
Union Army:
186,000 served before wars end
were not allowed in b/c afraid of revolt/finally let in March 1865, but the war ended in April so not many AA served for the Confederacy
How would you describe women’s role in the war?
Disguised as men
Improper for women to treat sick men, yet still served as nurses during war
Homes, farms, plantations, factories, and shops

How did things change with the soldiers that a draft was put into place?
At the beginning of the war, men flocked to volunteer , but as the war went on, less and less men volunteered

What people didn’t have to go to war?
People who owned 20 or more slaves
Anyone who could pay the gov $300 or pay someone to go in his place

Do you agree with the famous quote, “rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight?” Why or why not?

Name Union advantages during the war.
(1)Gov in place
(2)Est. trade links with foreign nations
(3)Had 23 states to the South’s 11
(4)Population twice as much as Confederacy’s
(5)Had 80% of the nations factories and mills

Name Confederate advantages during the war.
(1)Outstanding military leaders
(2)Didn’t plan to invade the North so only had to defend itself on land its soldiers knew well
(3)Knew what they were fighting for: their homes, the land, and their loved ones

1. Many people loved the Union
2. We were not a strong slave-holding state
3. The people of NC felt little sympathy for the brash actions of the neighboring states
NC was the last state
to leave the Union because...
The American Civil War

What policy did NC follow while they hoped Lincoln would find a solution to the growing problems?
“Watch and wait”
What was the first battle of the Civil War called?
Battle at Fort Sumter

What were the actions of:

Telegraphed states in Union and requested that each one supply the US Army w/troops
Rushed to enlist as enthusiastically as those from the North

Responded with enthusiasm to the call to arms
Name the last state to leave the Union.
Identify the reasons the Southern states were not able to form a separate country in peace.
(1) Fort Sumter--Union troops were at the fort in SC hoping to keep the South from attacking but the South attacked...
(2) Lincoln’s call for Union troops...because of the Southern attack on Fort Sumter.

Which country (Union or Confederacy) suffered the most damage from the war and why?
Confederacy because the war was fought almost entirely on Southern soil.

Describe one very real situation in regards to war being fought so close to home.
Brother met brother and cousin met cousin on the battlefields

The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War...General Lee was trying to surprise the Union Army by surrounding Washington but he dropped a copy of the plan and a Union soldier found it, so they knew what route Lee was going to take.
The Anaconda Plan was a plan to choke off the south... the plan emphasized the blockade of the Southern ports, and called for an advance down the Mississippi River to cut the South in two.
Battle of Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher is located near
Wilmington, NC. It was the
last Confederate port to remain
operational in the Civil War.
The Union eventually defeated
the Confederates here.
Battle of Vicksburg

Vicksburg was the Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River
so Grant's strategy was to cut off the western Confederate states
from the eastern ones preventing the shipping of food, supplies, and
soldiers from the West (part of the Anaconda Plan)
Sherman's March to the Sea

Sherman was a Union general that started
in TN, went south through GA and north
into the Carolinas. He burned crops, looted homes, ripped up railroad tracks, and wrecked trains. All the cities in his path were burned down. He drove thousands from their homes.
Where did General Lee surrender? Who did he surrender to?
At a farmhouse in the village of Appomattox Court House. He surrendered to Grant

What generous terms were allowed?
Confederate soldiers were allowed to return to their homes, keep their horses and mules for spring plowing

Who lost the Civil War?

NC's devastation:
1. Shortages of many goods during the war caused by hardship
2. Agricultural decline
3. Bridges and public buildings were destroyed
4. RR tracks were torn up
5. Thousands of young men had died
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