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Capitalization with the Simpsons

No description

Jen Snedden

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Capitalization with the Simpsons

Capitalization with the Simpsons The Basics: Proper Nouns and first person singular I:
I will be attending Springfield Elementary School.
Learning about grammar does not make Bart happy. First word of every sentence:
Today we are going to talk about capitalization.
It seems easy, but there are many rules. Rule #5 A Person's Title CAPITALIZE WHEN: It precedes the name President Simpson will address the problem.
Mayor Quimby took the vote. It follows the name on the address or signature line Sincerely, Joe Quimby, Mayor
Mr. Quimby is the Mayor.
Mr. Simpson, our President, has three kids. Points of the Compass Capitalize directional words when they refer to specific regions Rule #6 Mr. Burns takes Homer up North for pizza on his private plane.

Lisa is offered a scholarship to a school in the South. Wrong: To see Principle Skinner, go South down the next hallway. I told Lisa to go East on Evergreen Terrace, but she went West. Rules 7&8 Title of Publications and Quotes Always capitalize the first and last words I liked the episode called "The Fat and the Furriest." Capitalize other big words in the title as well as the words Is, Are, and Be My brother preferred "A Star Is Burns." The first word of a quoted sentence should also be capitalized In that episode, Homer asks Mr. Burns, "Do you want to sponsor my bowling team for $500." DO NOT CAPITALIZE: Little words within a publication title "The Wizzard of Evergreen Terrace" "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" WRONG: Subjects Only capitalize specific course titles Martin is taking Algebra 2 this year. Bart was dreading British Literature. English, Spanish and other languages are capitalized because they derive from proper nouns English derives from England, but Math does not derive from Mathland. Seasons, Months and Days Rule #9 Rule #10 Do NOT capitalize seasons because they are a unit of time The kids of Springfield Elementary are anxiously awaiting summer. DO capitalize the days of the week and names of the months Tuesday and September are considered proper nouns, so they need to be capitalized. Are you still awake??? Principle skinner will be driving south to florida this weekend. Lisa was reading Romeo And Juliet when, all of the sudden, mayor Quimby barged in.
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