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To-Be Presentation GSK

No description

Christopher Bochen

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of To-Be Presentation GSK

Implementation Proposed Solution Rationale As-Is
Process The Product GSK: What value do SMART Boards add?
Already have tools such as SharePoint (78%), webex, lync etc.

Potential for competition to integrate smart board type application.

Nice to have technology, not a necessity!!!!

No Track record...Success in classrooms does not translate to boardrooms RISKS SMART Technologies. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.smarttech.com/ References Process AS-IS Global
Collaboration Resources Balanced Scorecard Benefits Costs APM
Model Risks & Challenges To-Be Process Advertising Campaign First Draft Collaborate Internally IT Finance Corporate Legal Capabilities/Issues Final Draft Launch Internally VoIP VoIP VoIP VoIP Implementation Innovation Process
Strategic IT Experimentation
Proof of concept
Trial or Pilot
Transition Train users
Update manuals and procedures
Less VTC meeting
Less Face to face meeting
Follow up Delivering value with IT
Interpersonal Interaction

Involve Business throughout the implementation process Delivering value with IT Automatic setup for Bridgit* Share screens instantly with remote participants, manage data conferencing features and connect all invited meeting rooms automatically, including up to nine video streams SMART Ink Write in digital ink over any application, document or web page, save your work in a variety of ways and share it immediately. Business content gallery Access ready-made templates from an available gallery of images and tools – you can use existing content or create your own and save it for reuse. Simple interface Toggle between your desktop and your display, access meeting management features, select content options and enable pen features with the easy-to-use toolbar Meeting productivity tools Access meeting resources and attendee details, monitor meeting time, extend room bookings and quickly start and end meetings through integration with Microsoft Exchange SMART Meeting Pro software Intuitive toolbar Access audio and video controls, participant lists and presentation tools. Bridgit software One-touch options Access features and tools with a click of a button – you can invite participants, share your desktop and select the pen tool. Write over shared desktops Participants can share their desktops and write notes on shared content. Webcam support View high-quality video streams from up to nine locations simultaneously And allows you to.. Connects to other smartboards and PCs Contribute from your iPad

Participate in meetings using your iPad. with access to a wi-fi or 3G network, you can create or join meetings from your iPad and interact with content presented on an interactive display Bridgit software SMART Boards Chris Bochen
Lorraine King
Shervin Pirestani
Michael Loftus
Christine Litwin CHALLENGES Sometimes tough to teach old dogs, new tricks

Knowledge Gap with the application, IT not familiar with newer technology/ infrastructure

Longer implementation times = higher costs

Getting senior management to buy in with rising technology costs www.GSK.com McKeen, J.D., & Smith, H.A. (2012). IT Strategy: Issues and Practices, Second Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson – Prentice Hall
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