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Big Bat Little Bat Slow Pitch Tournament

Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser

Becca Deal

on 25 July 2011

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Transcript of Big Bat Little Bat Slow Pitch Tournament

Entry Fee

Home Run Derby Fee



Chalk prep

Cost for using Parks & Rec


Shirts Big Bat Little Bat Event Description Target Markets Key Message Budget/ Forecasting/ ROI Event Pricing Marketing Communications Radio Social Networks Word-of-Mouth Internet Promotion/ Television BBBS Advertising M 3 Timeline Deadline: May S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunites Threats Mission Statement Good Cause
Competitive Pricing
Proven Strategy
Generated High Interest Competition
Potential Failure
Uncontrollable External Factors (i.e. weather) Increase Community Involvement
Raise Awareness of BBBS
Reach New Potential Target Markets To raise awareness, increase community involvement, and inspire the lives of the youth in our area by providing funds to assist in their growth and character. Competition
First Attempt
Short Lived Fundraiser v. Continuous Fundraising
Insurance Policy Pilot Study Slow Pitch Co-Ed Softball Tournament
10 team minimum
7 AM to 7 PM
2 day Tournament (Saturday & Sunday)
Double Elimination Tournament
Using 3 fields total
Home Run Derby
Hot Dog Feed
T-Shirt Sales Sponsors/ Donors
Participants BBBS Participants Sponsors To convey a positive image in the community To increase funds to use towards bettering the program To gain awareness of BBBS and their needs 46% surveyed were between ages 22-25
67% surveyed were female
May and June accounted for 80% of preferred season to play
53% absolutly would play in a tournament for a good cause
87% of survey has donated time to a Non-profit Big Bat Little Bat-$200
Jock's Nitch-$210
Pittsburg Spring League-$215 October Organize Nov-Dec January Advertise Feb- Mar Prep April Delegate May Implement Review June Follow-up $200 per team

$20 per person

$25 per field/hour

$15 per game

$30 (one time only)

10% of total entry fees


$8.50 a piece X 150 $2000


$100 (2 fields, 2 hours)



$200 (10% of $2,000)

$1,275 $600 (200 hotdogs donated X $3)

Sell them at $10= $225 profit TOTAL COSTS TO BBBS
$2,825.00 *Not including donations and sponsorships Dugout Sponsor
Field Sponsor
Home Run Derby Potential Sponsorship Quota 4 available sponsor positions
2 available sponsor positions
1 available sponsor position $100 each =
$200 each=
$500= $400
$500 $1200 *Net Income $777.50
*After Potential Sponsorship $1977.50
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