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AP Human Geography: Taoism

A brief summary of Taoism's history, beliefs, and relation to the earth.

Amanda Nielsen

on 3 January 2011

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Transcript of AP Human Geography: Taoism

Taoism The philosophical system that advocates
simplicity, naturalness and the non-
interference with the harmony of the Tao. meaning.. The Art of Doing Nothing Taoism has 225 million
followers. But they only make up 0.04% of the world. There is no
initiation Within minutes.. YOU Could become a Taoist! Where did Taoism start? China Of the Universe! These building are much like other Chinese architecture, often covered with scriptures
and inscriptions inside. They also often have elaborate gardens representing unity. So while Taoism may be one of the easiest religions to become a part of, to comprehend its teachings, takes a life time. By Sydnie Nichols & Amanda Nielsen Our Religion Project The main point is to understand Taoism
before you start practicing their beliefs. Taoism doesn't spread rapidly because it does not use missionaries Taoists believe if you want to become a Taoist as well, you will come to them. Taoism came from other
prehistoric religions such as.. Tao de Jing virtue Zhang Daoling chi Taoism is the religion.. Taoism is about living a stress free life. To accomplish this,
they practice Wu Wei literally meaning Inaction The main values
of Taoism compassion humility moderation The symbol of Taoism most recognizeable? Ying Yang It symbolizes the perfect balance in the world and the balance we try to acheive within ourselves. throughout It is common to be a Taoist, Buddhist, Confucianist, and Hindu, all at the same time! Taoism teaches to reconnect with Nature "To be one with the Earth" If Taoism is a religion, Don't you think it's strange they don't have a God? Confusing.. - - - - Each believer's goal is to harmonize themselves with the Tao and the universe. When there is equal balance in the Ying Yang, everything is calm. When one outweighs the other, there is disarray. Yin is the dark side. It represents the breath that formed the earth. seen as feminine, soft, cool, gentle, calm , and healing Yang is the light side. It formed heaven and is seen as masculine, energetic, and sometimes aggressive - -
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