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Copy of Copy of Lydia E. Hall Care, Core, Cure

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Jennifer Goerke

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Lydia E. Hall Care, Core, Cure

Lydia E. Hall Care, Core, Cure

Worked with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York 1941-1947
• Fordham Hospital School of Nursing faculty 1947-1950
• Faculty position at Teachers College
• Involved in U.S. Health Service research activities
• Provided volunteer service to New York Board of Education, Youth Aid, & other community associations
• Received the Teachers College Nursing Alumni Award in 1967
• Established the Loeb Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation at Montefiore Hospital in Bronx, New York.
• Provided direct care to patients and coordinated needed services.
• Practice model was validated over a 5 year-time with a reduction in hospital readmission.
Lydia Eloise Hall 1984 ANA Hall of Fame Inductee

Lydia Hall’s Nursing Theory-Core, Care and Cure Model for Geriatric Care
Loeb Center for Nursing
Lydia Hall, the nursing pioneer who established an all-RN system of care at the Loeb Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Montefiore Hospital
Halls theory is relevant to each phase of the nursing process. Limitations of the theory....Can be overcome by taking a broader view of each aspect of care, core and cure.
• Born in New York City September 21, 1906
• Died February 27, 1969 of heart disease in Queens Hospital of New York
• Graduated 1927 - Earned her diploma from York Hospital School of Nursing in Pennsylvania
• Bachelor of Science in 1937 & Master of Arts in 1942 from Teachers College, Columbia University
• Lydia Eloise Hall 1984 ANA Hall of Fame Inductee

Lydia E. Hall





Grand and middle range

Hall, L. E. (1963). Center for nursing. Nursing Outlook, 11(11), 804-806.

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64(6), 80-83.

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Griffiths, P., & Wilson-Barnett, J. (1998). The effectiveness of ‘nursing beds’: A review of
the literature. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 27(6), 1184-1192.

Therapeutic use of self
Helps patient learn their role in the healing process
Patient is able to maintain who they are
Patient is able to develop a maturity level when nurse, listens to them and acts as sounding board
Patient is able to make informed decisions
Nurturing component of care
It is exclusive to nursing
Provides teaching and learning activities
Nurses goal is to “comfort” the patient
Patient may explore and share feelings with nurse
Care based on pathological and therapeutic sciences
Professional nurse helps patient through the rehabilitative phase of care
Nurse is patient advocate in this area
Nurses role changes from positive quality to negative quality
Montefiore Hospital invited Lydia Hall to implement her theories by establishing and becoming director of the Loeb Center. She published over 20 articles about the Loeb Center and her theories of long term care and chronic disease control.
The Loeb Center is a 24 hour Nursing home.
Located 111 E 210th St. Bronx, NY
All three aspects interact and change in size, depending upon the needs of the person.
1927 - Basic Nursing education
1937 - Bachelors in Public Health Nursing
1942 - Masters in teaching Natural Sciences
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