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Cliff Notes: The ASCA National Model

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Angela Poovey

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Cliff Notes: The ASCA National Model

The ASCA National Model
Management Agreement
"The overview of your school counselor's plan for the year"

Mission Statement (aligning with the school's)
School Counseling Program Goals
Allocation of Time
List of Resources
Professional Development
Additional Duties & Responsibilities
Allocation of Time
School Counseling Program Goals
Using Your School Counselor to Achieve School Goals
Cliff Notes: The ASCA National Model
It is not enough to ask, "What do school counselors do?" Instead, we must ask, "How are students
as a result of what school counselors do?"

School Counselors Start with Data
Data Sources
Behavior Data:
Timeout Referrals
Suspensions (ISS and OSS)
Parent Notifications
Academic Data:
Attendance Data:
College/Career Data:
Job Applications
College Applications
Freshman/Senior Advisement Sessions
School Counselors should...

1. Use specific data to
identify areas they can impact
2. Process that data to come
up with general school
counseling program goals,
Ex. K-5 students will decrease
timeout referrals by 15% in
the 2014-2015 school year
3. Create action plans with
specific interventions that
address the general goals.
4. Collect process, perception,
and results data that
supports the action plans
throughout the year.
Closing the Gap Action Plans
pulling everything together...
Based on Data
Supports School's Academic, Behavior & Attendance Goals
Results determined with Process, Perception & Outcome Data
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