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No description

James Burroughes

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of HRINZ HBDI

to HBDI Thank you for your attention! Theory stuff Our 4 different selves Profile code
Pressure profile (20+)
Adj pairs (x/24) EXERCISE 2

Work with a partner. Talk through:

I have a single or double or triple dominance, or I am whole-brained.
My preference code is:
My profile scores are:
My preferred quadrants are:
My key descriptor * is:
Under pressure my profile shifts to: Reading your profile Using your knowledge Whole brained development planning Theory models that formed HBDI Ned Herrmann

1970s GE Management Development
Had lots of friends who he wanted to understand
Did some great research based in science
Found out some interesting facts HBDI Herrmann
Brain Dominance Instrument Speaker / Talker
Intuitive Conclusion Remember - you aren't just one colour.
You are a combination of all 4 Use HBDI to connect with people and remember to share your profile details HBDI can be used anywhere:

Development planning
Sales Think about how you can use HBDI to make your
working environment more whole brained Strengths based on preferences What do I bring? Exercise for you Plan a party based on the preference of the corner you are in:

Think about:

* How you would invite people
* Look and feel
* Costs
* Entertainment

Be prepared to present back for 3 mins on your plan Things we are going to talk about Parties! Motorways Communicating Parties (again)
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