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Nikolai Ivanov

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Portfolio

Tsvetomila Mincheva
My name is Tsvetomila Mincheva.

I am eighteen years old and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I have attended drawing classes for two years but my passion for art dates further back in time - from the days I was still a small kid.
I am often impressed by the little things that surround us, by details that most people would pass by. Those details often serve as a driving force and an inspiration for my paintings.
Here are some of my best pieces.

I hope you like them!

I was very impressed by the work of an artist named Leonid Afremov.
What I like most is the technique he uses. He paints with a spatula instead of a brush (the spatula is used for blending and shading colours into each other). Furthermore, every single one of his paintings is filled with a variety of emotions. "Each of my works reflects my feelings and the music from my soul". (Leonid Afremov)
I decided to render my mood, re-drawing one of his paintings, "Amsterdam".

Technique - acrylic paint
African dance
I made this painting during one of my drawing classes. The thing that struck me the most were the bright, fiery colours that render the mood and the passion of the dynamic African dance. As a technique for the background I used a sponge and acrylic paints.

Technique - acrylic paint
Colourful mystery
This painting represents a "colour task", which is part of the entry exam for the Bulgarian University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.
The requirement is as follows:
"In a rectangular field there have to be three vertical lines, as well as an unlimited number of lines and circles whose centres must lie on the walls of the field and must not intersect the vertical lines. No two adjecent fields should be in one colour."
I have worked with "Gouache" tempera paint . The harmonious colouring and structural composition of the drawing is discretionary.

Technique - tempera paint
A view from the old town of Lovech
This painting represents traditional Bulgarian houses from XVIII and XIX century located in the city of Lovech. Due to its unique architecture and the number of preserved monuments related to culture and history, Lovech is visited by many tourists. The old quarter - Varosha (which is quite impressive), reveals just that.

Technique - ink
The Road Home
This drawing, along with the previous one, represents all the typical characteristics of the bulgarian architecture from XVIII and XIX century. This particular house is located in the village of Bozhenzi. What I love about this place is the coziness and tranquility it emits.

Technique - pencil.
This is the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", which is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The building was designed in the "Baroque" style by the famous Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner.
As a child I often visited the theatre with my parents. Even then, I was impressed by the building which represents a huge challenge from architectural point of view.

echnique - pencil
The National Theatre Ivan Vazov
Ionian Magnificence

What is typical about

ancient columns is that they usually consist of a "base", a "shaft" and a "capital".
The focus here lies on the capital which is in Ionian Style.
The Ionic capital is characterized by the use of volutes - a spiral scroll-like ornament that forms the basis of the Ionic order.

Technique - pencil
Nature made of stone
This drawing represents a capital from the Courthouse in Sofia. It is in "Corinthian" style, which is characterized by rich decoration of Achanthus leaves and spiral elements.

Both this capital and the one before impress with beautiful decorations inspired by nature.

Technique - pencil
Sketches and some Work in progress
Geometric Symphony I and II
These two drawings are part of my art lessons. The presented elements demonstrate "spatial vision" skills and a feel for proper perspective.
In the course of the painting process, I did not use tools such as a ruler, compasses, etc.

Technique - pencil
Perspective task
This task is part of the competitive entry examination for the Bulgarian University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in 2012.
It consists of two cubes. A part of them has been removed (a triangular pyramid), formed by cutting a cube with a plane drawn through the diagonals of its three sides. The difficulty of this task is that the "taken" part must be rotated 180 degrees without a sample model as a reference. Therefore the shading is discretionary.

Technique - pencil.
One of the places that I was looking forward to see during my visit in England, was Shakespeare’s birthplace.
With its traditional architectural style, the house carries the spirit and the atmosphere of old Britain.

Technique - pencil
Thank you for
your attention!

Life journey
This project represents one of the symbols of the United Kingdom - the clock tower Big Ben. The tower is made of black and white photos with colourful ones used as a background. The pictures in this collage represent different stages of my life, from the day I was born, through all the places I have visited, all the holidays I have spent with the people that are most dear to me, to the early mornings before school when I took some magnificent photos of sunrise.
The idea of choosing this architectural magnificence is to connect my past with the possible future that lies ahead of me. This project is a visual metaphor for the goal which I strive to achieve: to have the opportunity to create beautiful pieces of architecture like this one.
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal, a symbol of great love and also architectural magnificence. One of the places that I would love to visit .
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