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No description

Sara Brown

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Gatorade

Brand Portfolio - Vitamin Water •- Competitor Analysis Gatorade: The Legend Sara Brown
Devin Compton
Yesol Jeong
Chris McNichols
Romina Pyakurel
Mydel Santos History Private Ownership G Series G Series Pro G Natural Brand Inventory Social Media Brand Elements Pricing Distribution Communications Advertisements Ambassadors Philanthropy and Events Brand Exploratory Positioning POPS PODS Tactical Recommendations •
The Gatorade High School Player of the Year

The Women's Sports Foundation

Travel and Training

Running events; and Program

Elite youth tournaments

Action Sports events

"Beat the heat"campaign with NFL

Hunger program: Action Against Hunger" Created in 1965

Florida Gator Players lost:
(1) Carbohydrates (2) Electrolytes

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI): - Solution: "Gator-ade"
-a precisely balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage - Founded in Barrington, IL
- Research on exercise science, hydration, and sport nutrition Sold in 80+ countries

30 flavors (U.S.)
50 flavors (worldwide)

Supermarkets, grocery stores,
convenience stores and gas stations

Multipacks of 8, 12 or 24 bottles in
various sizes 1967: Robert Cade gave Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. the rights to produce and sell Gatorade as a commercial product

1983: Quaker Oats Company bought SVC and Gatorade

2001: PepsiCo bought Quaker and Gatorade for $13 billion Early Ads Early Ads highlighted the
performance benefits of
drinking Gatorade Expand into everyday fitness by leveraging the G-Natural line

Revitalize the Gatorade nutrition bar in connection with the Recover aspect of G-Series

Increase market share and integration in international markets (Lucozade)

Sub brands can be confusing

More "X" Sports, perhaps?

Avoid offering Gatorade via fountain dispensers and restaurants Gatorade leveraged brand ambassador Michael Jordan
His performance is linked to the consumption of Gatorade
Drink Gatorade = "Be Like Mike" Be Like Mike Ad Campaigns "Is it in you?" "Win from Within" G Series With the arrival of the G Series, Gatorade launched an ad campaign to aware consumers What's in a name?

Florida Gators + aid (Dr. Cade)
Powerade Symbolism Slogans: Taste
All about the electrolytes
Nutrition for the body
(throughout entire process)
Easy access Product Attributes: Packaging Athletes- all levels with heart
“Sports nutrition consumers": bodybuilders, recreational users, athletes and lifestyle users
The standard sports drink
Pro Series strictly caters to serious athletes Consumer Knowledge:
Big team sports (esp. Super Bowl)

Gatorade BMX, Gatorade Skate, and Free Flow Tour

Interviews with athletes-“Locker Room”

Very popular commercials

Not a lot of traffic on channel YouTube: “Born in the Lab”
“The idea that launched an industry”
“Is it in you?”
“Tested in the lab. Proven on the field”
“Be Like Mike”
“Win from Within”
“Bring it on"/“Shine on"/“Focus"/"Be Tough"
“No Excuses”
“What is G?” Logo: Created by Coca-Cola in 1988

Powerade has taken 21.7% of the market back from Gatorade's 77.2%

Powerade re-launched itself in 2009 as ION4

Powerade is the official sports drink of the Australian, New Zealand, and Ireland rugby teams, the AFL, PGA Tour, NASCAR, NHRA, NCAA, the U.S. Olympic Team (excluding U.S.A. Basketball and U.S. Soccer) and many other national Olympic federations, The Football League, and many other soccer leagues and teams around the world Powerade

G Series G Series Pro G Natural
01 Prime 02 Perform 03 Recover 01 Prime 02 Perform G Natural G2 Natural 01 Prime: Chews and Pouch which deliver carbs and b vitamins in order to fuel the body before competition

02 Perform: the original Gatorade, low-calorie G2, along with the powder packs in order to fuel full teams or long term athletes who drink Gatorade often

03 Recover: Protein filled recovery drinks and shakes which refuel all of the nutrients that were lost during the competition 01 Prime: similar to the G Series chews, but are targeted at the athletes who compete in prolonged activities

02 Perform: similar to the G Series products, but they are filled with endurance nutrients that help you perform longer

The target market for the Pro consists of athletes who take part in prolonged activities such as marathons, tough mudder challenges, or any other athletic event where prolonged energy is needed.

Mostly sold online Made with natural ingredients such as sea salt, fruit flavors, and natural sweeteners
Designed to deliver the same benefits as regular Gatorade, but with natural ingredients
Geared toward lighter activities 5,926,617 likes and 44,203 people currently talking about Gatorade

Awareness aspect to the page

Consumer Involvement- asking questions such as "Reps or Intensity" to get consumers thoughts on their individual lives

Throw Back Thursdays give historical references to specific athletic events in time and history such as "The Heat's epic battle to win the 2006 NBA Finals" Facebook: Twitter: 123,578 followers

Does not mention product directly

Focuses on upcoming games and memorable events

#WinFromWithin Created in 2000

Non-carbonated drink produced by Glaceau, which is owned by Coca Cola

Variety of flavors, including Dragon Fruit, Kiwi-strawberry and Green tea

Has real vitamins Gatorade has effectively leveraged its brand ambassadors Red Bull The brand has athletes in a variety of sports from Football to Surfing Strategic Recommendations Strong research component
Unique history
Market leader status
Integration with sports and athletes
Larger target audience
Larger product portfolio Sports drink
Variety of flavors (POD)
Wide mouth bottle design G Series Pro
Over 70% market share for sports drinks
G Natural starting to kick off Gatorade employs a premium pricing strategy

$2.19 32oz Gatorade vs. $1.69 32oz Powerade Red Bull is a market leader in the energy drink category Prevalent in individual action sports Latent Competitor Intensity. Sports. Intimidation. Hard work. Teamwork. Personal dedication. Team dedication. Refuel & Rebuild. Drive. – Determination. Events. Pepsi. Water bottle. Prepare. Thirst Quencher. Electrolytes. – Training. Competition. Endurance. Football. Love for the game/sport. Gatorade dunk. Athletes. Sweet victory. Top athletic performance. Lightning bolt. Yellow. Hydrate. Sugar. Sweat. Energy. Brand Mantra Thank you! "Innovating Hydration,
Successful Performance" Sports drink
Endurance Premium pricing
Electrolytes Superior
Sports culture Competitive
Status D Deep roots
Aids in performance Loyalty
Engagement Hydration
Thirst quenching Comparison Lucozade Established energy/sports drink in UK Contains both glucose and caffeine Lucozade Sport official drink of FA Premier League
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