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Dred Scott

No description

Austin Durand

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Dred Scott

Who Is Dred Scott?
-Dred Scott was a slave
-Lived in both free and slave states
-Had a wife and two kids
-9 months of freedom
-Born in 1795-1858

What did Dred Scott do for blacks?
-He Sued for his freedom
-April 1846
-Tried to free others
-To help the blacks stand up for their freedom

What made it possible for Dred Scott to try and sue for his freedom?
-lived in free states
-owner traveled a lot
-sold to John Emerson
-Wisconsin territory
-1837 John moves to Florida

What difficulties was he faced with?
-Courts didn't like blacks
-people still didn't like the Missouri compromise
-his owner
What did the courts rule and why?
-7 to 2 decision
-not a citizen
-2nd time ever court rules Missouri Compromise is unconstitutional
-3/5 person
What did the courts rule and why?
March of 1857 the court said that all blacks, slaves and free were not and could never become citizens.

After the court case Scott and several of his family members were given there freedom
Vocb. to note
Dred Scott
BY Austin Durand
-Paul Ryan
-7 to 2 decision
-not a citizen
-2nd time ever court rules the Missouri compromise unconstitutional
-Dred Scott is property
-3/5 of a person

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