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Reicy Lu

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf

Beowulf takes place in 700 A.D., a time filled with violence and death, although there were still good men among it all. Our theme asks what actions make a man stand out as a respectable, generous, and hospitable person during these time.
The mark of a good man is that he is generous and hospitable
Sam, Reicy, Brandon, Jeremy
Page 1- 21
“And young prince must be prudent like that, giving freely while his father lives so that afterwards in age when fighting starts steadfast companions will stand by him and hold the line" (Beowulf 5).
"So his mind turned to hall-building: he handed down orders for men to work on a great mead-hall meant to be a wonder of the world forever; it would be his throne-room and there he would dispense his God-given goods to young and old-but not the common land or people’s lives” (Beowulf 7).
Page 22- 41
“This is my hope; and for his heroism I will recompense him with a rich treasure. Go immediately, bid him and the Geats he has in attendance to assemble and enter” (Beowulf 27).
“Finally I healed the feud by paying: I shipped a treasure-trove to the Wulfings and Ecgtheow acknowledged me with oaths of allegiance” (Beowulf 33).
Page 42- 61
Page 62-81
“The chieftain went on to reward the others: each man on the bench who had sailed with Beowulf and risked the voyage received a bounty, some treasured possession. And compensation a price in gold, was settled for the Geat Grendel had cruelly killed earlier- as he would have killed more, had not mindful God and one man’s daring prevented that doom” (Beowulf 71).
“So now, Beowulf, I adopt you in my heart as a dear son. Nourish and maintain this new connection, you noblest of men; there’ll be nothing you’ll want for, no worldly goods that won’t be yours. I have often honored smaller achievements, recognized warriors not nearly as worthy, lavished rewards on the less deserving. But you have made yourself immortal by your glorious action. May the God of Ages continue to keep and requite you well” (Beowulf 63).

Theme Analysis
Page 81-101
Connections to modern society
“I will compensate you for settling the feud as I did the last time with lavish wealth, coffers of coiled gold, if you come back” (Beowulf 97).
Page 102-121
Following the idea of gaining service and respect through generosity, we can apply this to more modern day examples.

For example, in J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings, the dark lord Sauron created nineteen rings of power which were given to the lords of each race in hopes of gaining their allegiance. However, instead of using just his generosity to gain allies, Sauron created another ring, the one ring to control all of the others and bend them to his will.

Another example is one of a more realistic sense. Imagine there are two companies, both with an employee that shares the same position as the other. One of the employees receives a bonus every few months, while the other receives one bonus every year or more. The employee who gets the bonus more often is more inclined to work harder and better compared to the person who is not graced by their bosses generosity.
“He will honor, I am sure, our two sons, repay them in kind when he recollects all the good things we gave him once, the favor and respect he found in his childhood" (Beowulf 83).
“For as long as I rule this far-flung land, treasures will change hands and each side will treat the other with gifts; across the gannet’s bath, over the broad sea, whorled prows will bring presents and tokens” (Beowulf 127).
“In days to come she would grace the throne and grow famous for her good deeds and conduct of life, her high devotion to the hero king who was the best king, it has been said, between the two seas or anywhere else on the face of the earth. Offa was honored far and wide for his generous ways, his fighting spirit and his far-seeing defense of his homeland" (Beowulf 134-135).
Page 142-161
“But he did provide support for the prince, honored and minded him until he matured as the ruler of Geatland” (Beowulf 161).
“That marked the end of Hygelac’s son: his hospitality was mortally rewarded with wounds from a sword” (Beowulf 161).
Page 162-181
“When he saw his lord tormented by the heat of his scalding helmet, he remembered the bountiful gifts bestowed on him, how well he lived among the Waegmundings, the freehold he inherited from his father before him” (Beowulf 176-177).
“I remember that time when mead was flowing, how we pledged loyalty to our lord in the hall, promised our ring-giver we would be worth our price, make good the gift of the war-gear, those swords and helmets, as and when his need required it” (Beowulf 178-179).
Page 181-213
“With measured words she welcomed the Geat and thanker the God for granting her wish that a deliverer she could believe in would arrive to easy their afflictions” (Beowulf 43).
"Anyone ready to admit the truth will surely realize that the lord of men who showered you with gifts and gave you the armor you are standing in - when he would distribute helmets and mail-shirts to men on the mead-benches, a prince treating his thanes in hall to the best he could find" (Beowulf 193).
This quote explained Shield Sheafson's son, Beow, he was generous to all of the people, and all the citizens love and respect him. He is selfless and all the warriors are willing to fight for him.
Hrothgar decided to build a mead hall so that all of his companions could bask in the wealth and good times Heorot would have to offer. Though he is using it as his throne room, Hrothgar also had his allies in mind.


This is Hrothgar speaking about Beowulf, and how he is a hero and a kind man that will guide them to defend Grendel.
"For their bravery in action, when they arrived home Eofor and Wulf were overloaded by Hrethel's son, Hygelac the Geat, with gifts of land and linked rings that were worth a fortune. They had won glory, so there was no gainsaying his generosity. And he gave Eofor his only daughter to bide at home with him, an honor and a bond" (Beowulf 201).

This is a quote by King Hrothgar. He is talking about the strife between the Danes and Geats before. Finally Hrothgar sent a lot of treasure to the Geats and defused the harsh situation that the two countries had before.

Because Beowulf helped the Danes to kill Grendel, people like and respect him so much, they welcome him as their own. The king awarded him with an abundance of gold. It shows both Hrothgar's generosity and his willingness to offer Beowulf his hospitality.
Queen Wealtheow is saying this quote. After Beowulf beat Grendel, the whole country celebrated his victory. The queen speaks to Hrothgar and gives his advise. If they treats Beowulf well, he will help them anytime they need.
This quote describe Heardred, Hygelac's son. With Beowulf's help, he becomes a hospitable person and earn people's respect. But he was killed by Onela because of his hospitality.

This quote says that, anybody who knows what true generosity is, can easily tell that the man who provided them with all of their gifts is the kindest of them all.
Due to their bravery, the two men were rewarded with treasures not only in the form of gold, but with a woman as well.
Because Beowulf already helped king Hrothgar once, the king had already accepted Beowulf as his person, so he did not care what he gave to Beowulf even a large amount of rewards. The king has faith in Beowulf to get the job done, therefore he is more than willing to reward Beowulf with large amounts of riches.
King Hrothgar not only rewarded Beowulf but also rewarded the soldiers for their bravery. He treated them as his family which can be seen through his gratitude towards their service.
The queen does not want a single soldier to die when they are fighting with Grendel. So from this quote we can see she is very caring of the people.
As long as Hrothgar is the leader of the area, value will be placed on gift-exchange and appeasing each other to create mutual respect and friendship.
The queen was willing to be faithful to her king since he was so righteous and giving himself. Since he loved giving to others, the queen was proud to be by his side.
Support, kindness, and help were to be given since this would help someone become a great leader.
Through pain and difficult times, Wiglaf remembered how well he lived under the people who gave him gifts. Remembering this made him fight more for what he wanted.
Since Wiglaf and his people were given a lot of food and gifts, they were willing to fight and do things for the people (Beowulf) that gave them a lot.
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