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Building Home Base

A 4-Step Process to Building Your Website with WordPress

Chris Mower

on 7 October 2010

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Transcript of Building Home Base

"Home base is where you focus the most of your presence time. Depending on who you are (or who your client might be) should determine how you build this site. I rarely find a case where blogging software isn’t the best choice for your home base."
- Chris Brogan
www.ChrisBrogan.com/a-simple-presense-framework Building Home Base Original "Home Base" concept by Chris Brogan. Home Bases are places that you own. Home Base is your social hub. Sweet pad, man! Thanks, buy something? Not so long ago, in a land
not so far away... There was a man who wanted to create websites. But he couldn't
because he
didn't have the skills. In time,
that changed. The man was given powerful tools
by those who had harnessed
the magic of creation. HTML CSS Flash Action Script SQL & Database Know-How .PHP .NET Design Skills Design Sense UX Programming &
Debugging Software Server jargon JavaScript VBScript And those tools changed his life-- --forever. All he
an idea
and time. You have control. It gives you legitimacy. "They" can't take it away or change it on you. You moderate. People talk to you directly. Home Base connects to your outposts. Sticky content. Use it as a place of action. Bring people to your home base, where there is less distraction. Outposts are places where you have an online presence, but you do not own. Outposts Outposts let you spread your influence and make connections. They also let you play, relay information, experiment, and test ideas. Benefits of outposts may not be tangible, but they're key to building your brand and identity. Outposts benefit home base, and home base can benefit the outposts when ideas are shared. But remember, everybody shouts in an outpost, and it could be gone tomorrow. So bring them home, baby. Bring them home. 1 2 3 4 Brickwork. Choose a URL. Choose a Host Install WordPress Basic Settings www.WordPress.org Make site Visible. Content Choose Your Theme Free? or Premium? WooThemes.com ThemeForest.net StudioPress.com DIYthemes.com Templatic.com ThemeTrust.com PliablePress.com Start Content Basic Layout Key Plugins Start Posting! Revision Control Akismet Google XML Sitemaps All-in-One SEO Connect
Outposts Fine-Tuning Child Themes Custom Page Templates & Stylesheets Special Plugins More Settings Rearrange Content Greater Focus on SEO Site Title
Time Zone General Discussion Allow comments
Require Name and Email
Admin Approval Privacy Permalinks Custom Structure /%monthnum%%day%/%postname%/ Users Name
Password Find the related Social Media icons. Get the appropriate URLs Copy the URL from the PROFILE page. Copy the URL from the MY CHANNEL page. Copy the URL from the PROFILE page. Feedburner.com http://feeds.feedburner.com/<<Your Site Name>> And Anything Else... And don't forget to connect to Google Analytics. www.google.com/analytics Gravatar.com
Fine-Tuned Design
Custom Icons
Google Alerts Prezi created by Chris Mower
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