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The Social Media System

The Social Media system can be very challenging to navigate. At the core though, you have to establish a clear comms strategy for your organisation. Set your goals, define your audience, define yourself, find your stories, then deliver & engage.

Kathleen Holmlund

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of The Social Media System

The Social Media

bought by Google 2003
launched 2003
why blog?
personal profile
business profile
Image Sharing Networks
1. Original content from your organisation (news, blogs, photos, video, tweets, etc)
2. Share content from other online sources
3. Content shared by fans/followers/etc of your social media profiles
Best Practices
Creating Engaging Content
Remember: It's about your audience and what they need.

It's about building relationships and community

Use the 80/20 marketing rule for pull/push

Ask questions, post helpful tips, and link to articles that your audience will Like and share.
Set your goals
Define your audience
Define yourself
first, let's talk strategy
Develop your voice (& content)
Make a Schedule & Allocate Resources
Get Connected
Make it work
measure, analyse, adapt
Social Media Policy for your organisation
Social Media Goals
Connect and engage with current & potential supporters

Create an online community around your organisation

Get found by people who are looking for ways to support your cause

Promote the content you create including webinars, guides, blog articles, press releases, videos, & photos

Generate potential donors, fundraisers, volunteers, and activists for your organisation
Questions to ask
What are you trying to achieve?
Who do you want to reach?
What channels are you considering?
What channels are they using?
What are the demographics of these channels?

2013 Social Media Landscape
Maximise your profiles
• consistent blogging helps establish you as an
authority in your industry
• visitors spend more time on your site
• helps SEO (regular posting, more incoming links)
• increases interaction with customers and stakeholders
• easy to update (especially in times of crisis)
• subscriptions and email addresses
“There is no such being as nonprofits or companies - there is only a network of people doing some work under the same name with the same goals. Social media belongs to real humans doing a very human activity - connecting with one another over shared interests.”

Wendy Harman - Social Media Director - American Red Cross
Ofcom survey, published on 1 August 2013

• Northern Ireland is the tablet computer capital of the UK with almost 1 in 3
homes now owning one
• The take-up of tablet computers here (29%) is highest of all nations, higher than
the UK average (24%)
• Almost half (45%) of Northern Ireland people own smartphones — up 11% in just
12 months
• 8 in 10 households have internet access
Resource Intensive
maximise visuals
think multi-device
make most of your profile space
Mostly mobile, but monitoring works best on larger device
Very mobile friendly
Instagram is an App
A little more tricky to optimise cross devices with different measurements
show continuity of brand
3 Types
pick a medium
pick platforms to share story
(back to strategy)
Kathleen Holmlund
Digital Media Specialist
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