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Freak the Mighty Compare and Contrast

No description

Anna Bohlander

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty Compare and Contrast

Here are some similarties
1.) My first similartie would be that Max float's in his imagination in both the book and movie

2.) Secondly in both book and movie Freak described himslef as a robot.

3.) Freaks dad dissapers when he hears Freak is has a "Birth defect

My Fourth similartie is when Max ran into the pond to escape from Tony D. (Blade)

5.)My last similartie would be that Kevin said "It talks" when him and Max first saw eachother
By: Anna Bohlander
Freak the Mighty and The Mighty
1.) My first difference that in the movie Freak tutors Max in LD class(Leading Disability)

2.) Secondly Freak dies in the hospital and Max goes on an angry rampage to find him

3.)Max and Freaks Parents dont know eachother in the book

4.)On christmas eve Freak and Max dont go to freak's house to open presents in the movie

5.) In the movie Freak drives himself to go save Max but in the book Freak rides and leads the cops right to Max's father.

What freak the Mighty
stands for!
Freak the mighty is about two boy's who have a disability.One named Max is clumsly and has very low self esteam the other Kevin has a disability and has a craving for knowlage.Even though they are total oppsites they balance eachother when they are together.


It was either book or movie and I choose book
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