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Finding Your Vision Part 1

NYLT Presentation Day 1

Justin Lawrie

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of Finding Your Vision Part 1

Finding Your Vision
What is a Vision?
We are at the beginning of a 9 day journey through the course.
When we reach the last day of the course what will success look like to you?
Vision is what future success looks like!
If you can see it you can be it
Dream BIG
Dream about what is possible share the vision
Nothing happens unless first a dream
Carl Sandburg
Exploring the Power of a Vision
Here is an example of a personal Vision
I see myself as an Eagle Scout.
A Vision does not say "I want to do something" or "I'd like to do something.
Shared Vision of a Team
A coach offering the team a vision of themselves with a better winning record then they had achieved the previous season.
A band director helping musicians see themselves performing a complicated program at a future concert.
A Scout troop seeing themselves backpacking at Philmont next year, or setting out from the BSA’s Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.
A mountain guide painting a picture of future success for a team of climbers getting ready to start out on a wilderness expedition.
The Challenge
Develop a shared vision of
success for your team to reach
by the end of the course.
Vision is what future success looks like
If you can see it you can be it!
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