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Europe ABC book

No description

Tiffany Tenery

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Europe ABC book

Europe ABC book
A- for Austria
-Their common language is German.
-The capital city is Vienna.
-The population is 8.3 milliom.
-It is bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.
B- for Berlin Wall
-Divided Berlin from 1961-1989.
-West Berlin was cut off from East Berlin
-The wall fell Nov. 9. 1989 & represented the fall of communism
C- is for croatia
-The capital city is Zagreb
-The neck tie orginated from Croatia.
-It is home of the worlds most beautiful sunset.
-Croatians can vote by the age of 16 provided they’re
-Dalmations are from Croatia.
D- is for Denmark
-First country to legalize same sex marriage.
-There is not a single mountain in Denmark.
-Known as the worlds happiest country.
-Have over 7,000km of coast line.
E- is for England
-Big Ben doesnt refer to the clock, but the bell.
-French used to be the native language.
-The Union jack is the resemblance of the scotish and english flag.
-it is part of the United Kingdom
F- is for France
-home of the Eiffel Tower
-most visited country in the world.
-it is the largest country in Europe.
-French people greet eachother by a kiss on the cheek.
G- is for Germany
-3 of the worlds greatest composers are from germany.
-its the second producer of cars.
-Gummy bears were invented in germany.
-life expectancy is 83
H- is for Hungary
-joined the European union in 2004.
-As of 2010 Hungary has the lowesr employment rate
-the rubix cube originated from Hungary.
-the currency is called forint.
I- is for Ireland
-Ireland has no snakes.
-the average height of men is 5'8.
-only 9% of the irish population are natural red heads.
-their most popular pet is a cat.

N- is for Norway
-Norway is home to the most famous fjord.
-introduced salmon sushi to the japanese.
-the number of english speakers is higher than canada.
-the first settlers of norway were vikings.
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