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Parody Instagram Josystyle

instagram parody

Jocelyn Szejk

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Parody Instagram Josystyle

Become an Artistic Photographer HOW TO: STEP 1. Download Instagram on your smartphone and create
your personal account! Step 3 Follow a bunch of random people! Step 4 Take your first Instagram Picture Step 5 Crop it!
Rotate it!
Filter it!
Turn on Boarder
Add blur effect
Add the strange sunshine effect Share it!! Write a caption!
-Make sure it doesn't have anything to do with photo
- #hashtage every thing that comes into your mind
ex: #thishashtagemakesnosense #typicalcoffecuppicture #ireallylikeicecream #imatthebeachyournot #nofilter #nomakeup #pleasedoubletapthispictureofmyfavoritepairofsocks
#selfiesunday #tbt #fbf Instagram Picture Must haves "Look at my cool looking
food im eating" "Look at my feet" "My headless body has so
much swag #yolo" "Just went for a jog #Lookimathletic" "My super artistic black and white photo of an animate object #photographer" The random and pointless
qoute that I found on the internet
#Inspirational #hipster "Oh look my hair is brown!!" Congratulations You Are Now A Professional Photographer And Should Continue Uploading All Of Your Pointless Artistic Pictures! #Instagram #hashtag
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