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Behavior Intervention Plan

No description

barbara breeman

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Behavior Intervention Plan

The Dept. of Special Services of the school district I previously worked for as a Transition Specialist, granted me permission and accommodated me for this assignment.
I did not choose this student and did not formally meet Felix.
I was, however, given access to his IEP records beforehand. World History Class Felix's academic levels are very low-Second grade level.
Felix presents with ADHD.
Felix displays ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), acting-out behaviors while in a classroom setting, especially when he is not given his way or is required to work. He is often distracted by his peers and will cause a disruption by interrupting them or the teacher.
Felix is non-compliant when it comes to his classwork
or assignments.
Felix is unable to focus in the class as a whole.
Felix is calmer and better able to focus and listen when he is given individual attention by the teacher.
The CST is considering an out-of-district placement. Felix Target Behavior Class: Woodshop
Length: 40 minutes
Target Behavior: Disruptive-Acting Out
Number of Mishaps: 5 Monday: March 25, 2013 Felix is a 15 year old hispanic male
Currently attends an urban district public
high school
Lives with parents and 3 younger female siblings
Father works, mother is a homemaker
Felix is asthmatic and takes meds
Primary language is English
Recently transferred from another urban district,
a year ago where the family resided for only one month
Grew up in the Bronx as a child
Attended a specialized school for children with BD
Previous classification was ED
Current classification is LLD (Learning Language Disability)
IQ Tested Borderline (70) "FELIX" General classroom disruptions
Talking back
Inappropriate behaviors Observations Class: World History
Length: 30 minutes
Target Behavior: Disruptive-Acting Out
Number of Mishaps: 13 Wednesday: March 27, 2013 Class: Math
Length: 20 minutes
Target Behavior: Same
Number of Mishaps: 9 Class: Art
Length: 30 minutes
Target Behavior: Same
Number of Mishaps: 5 Class: Science
Length: 30 minutes
Target Behavior: Same
Number of Mishaps: 10 Class: Woodshop
Length: 30 minutes
Target Behavior: Same
Number of Mishaps: 3 Felix is seated in the last seat and in the last row by the windows. 1.) Felix picks up his desk to move it closer to the desk
in from of him and throws the desk down.
2.) Slams his backpack down on the floor.
3.) Takes text book out of backpack and slams down on desk.
4.) Again edges his desk/seat up closer while still seated, dragging it,
making squeaking and scuffing noises on the floor.
5) Felix calls outloud to teacher that he has to go to the bathroom.
Teacher is walking around the room collecting homework
from students at this point. When she gets to Felix, he ignores her request
for homework (he obviously does not have it)
6.) and raises/waves his hand, right in her face.
Says, he has to go to the bathroom. At first, she ignores him,
and then turns back to him and tells him to "make it quick."
(He smirks, as if he's gotten his way) and gets up to leave the room.
7.) On his way out of the room, he smacks a boy on the head,
laughs, 8.) quickly switches the classroom lights off
and then on before bolting out the room.
(The teacher gives me a exasperated look.) It is now ten minutes, and Felix has not returned.
9.) Felix is outside the classroom door, trying to peek into the room and gives the finger to one of the students inside the room.
The teacher gets up to open the door for Felix.
(they lock from the outside)
As he walks back to his desk, she gives him instructions on what to do and never mentions the fact that he was gone for ten minutes!
10.) Felix sits down and again makes unnecessary
noises with his desk legs and seat.
11.) Immediately, he gets back up and mutters outloud that he is "hot" and opens the window next to his desk, without asking permission.
Another student raises her hand and calls out to the teacher to tell her she is "cold". The teacher tells Felix to shut the window.
12.) Felix gets up and slams the window shut. 13.) He silently mouths a swear word at the girl who complained about being cold. World History Continued... Possible Causes for Felix's Behavior: Home Environment

Lack of supervision and supports

Responsibility at home to watch his three younger sisters

Developmental delays Prevention Strategies Immediate review of Felix's IEP with caseworker, school psychologist, special ed teacher(s), parent(s) and student. Possible interventions:
1.) Felix needs to vent and be able to safely express his
frustrations about school and his home life.
I recommend counseling 2x a week, 20 minute sessions,
with his casemanager.
2.) Felix's teacher should provide a stricter classroom environment
for him, combined with consistencies and clarification in what is
expected of and from him.
3.) Positive reinforcements should be used daily or as often as possible
as an encouragement for desired behaviors.
4.) A behavioral contract should be drawn up, discussed and explained
to Felix in the presence of his teachers and parents. B e h a v i o r C o n t r a c t The following is a behavior contract developed for Felix Perez.
The behavior contract has been put in place by Ms. Nadia Sanchez, school social worker
on April 23, 2013 and should be followed for the remainder of Felix's freshman year.
Felix's teachers and any classrooom paraprofessionals have been made aware of this contract.
If the following behavior contract is not followed, his casemanager, Ms. Sanchez, should be notified.
Felix agrees to the following:
1.) Enter classrooms calmly, not throwing his backpack down or moving his
desk making inappropriate or unnecessary noises.
2.) Will respect authority and speak to teachers, counselors and
administrators with respect.
3.) Will not disturb/disrupt other students in class or hallways.
4.) Will reach out to his teacher(s) first, if there is an altercation with
another student.
5.) Reach out to Ms. Sanchez, if he has any issues with teachers, classwork
or classmates he needs to talk about.
This behavior contract was signed by Felix Perez and Ms. Sanchez on
April 23, 2013.
Felix Perez____________________________________________
Ms. Sanchez___________________________________________ Student: Date:
Felix Perez #71352 April 23, 2013 How do you think this plan will work?
What difficulties may be encountered? 1.) I feel it will be a big change for Felix and his teachers.
He has been getting away with a lot of inappropriate actions, and cracking down on him will take time and effort on everyone's part.
2.) Felix needs additional school supports.
3.) Felix needs to be made accountable for his actions and I feel the behavior contract will help him to act appropriately.
4.) Felix may be challenged by his peers to exhibit the "old" behavior.
5.) Felix's progress should be addressed and discussed with his casemanager when he attends the counseling sessions each week.
6.) Teachers should provide at least weekly updates to his casemanager regarding his behavior and to be sure
and implement #2 and #3 of the contract.
7.)A review should take place in September for his sophomore year. Class: World History
Length: 30 minutes
Target Behavior: Same
Number of Mishaps: 13
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