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Elementary Librarian Grades 3-5 Orientation

ElementaryLibrarian.com - Click each slide to zoom!

Julie Ratliff

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Elementary Librarian Grades 3-5 Orientation

Library Rules
Grades 3-5
Enter quietly and sit in your assigned seat.
If you have a book to check in, place it on the Book Return cart.

Do NOT place books on the checkout counter, on the tables, on the floor, or on the shelves!

Wait for instructions at Voice Level 0.
Respect the speaker.
Zero voice level when Mrs. Ratliff or another classmate is presenting something to the class.

If you need assistance, raise your hand.

Do not ask to use the restroom unless it is an EMERGENCY!
Respect library equipment.
No eating or drinking in the library.

No gum or candy in the library.

Take care of books so others can use them too.

Take care of all computer equipment.
Use proper checkout procedures.
Always use shelf markers when looking for books.

Do not use shelf markers as swords or to hit other people or things.

If you find a book in the wrong place, put it on the Book Return cart so that it can be put away properly.

Use your library card, name, or id number to check your books out.

Sit in your assigned seat and read quietly.
Always use an appropriate voice level for the activity we are doing at the time.
Direct Instruction: Level 0
Silent reading: Level 0
Group work: Level 1
Checkout time: Level 1

No running, pushing, fighting, or horseplay of any kind will be allowed.
Respect one another.
Materials and Equipment
Computers may be used on a first come, first served basis.

Computers may be used for searching the library catalog, RC tests, or for educational research when approved by your teacher.

Computers may NOT be used to play games.
Computer Use
Always bring your own books back to the library. Books you check out are YOUR responsibility!

Don’t let anyone borrow your book.

If you take your book home, please carry it in a backpack. Return it to the backpack after reading.
Always have clean hands when you read.

Do not eat or drink when reading.

Keep books away from small children, pets and sources of water.

Don’t try to repair your book-let me do it.

Always use a bookmark! Don't bend pages down.
We only have one copy of many titles.

It is very frustrating to read several books in a series only to find that someone has lost the next one you need.

If you move, return your books to the library before you leave or give them to the librarian at your new school.
Keep up with your books!
1st offense: Verbal warning.

2nd offense: Your homeroom teacher will be notified of your choice.

3rd offense: Your parent/guardian will receive a phone call to inform them of your choices.

4th offense: Office referral to the school principal.
What if I don't follow the rules?
Books may be borrowed for 2 weeks.

If no one is waiting for the book, you may renew the book once.

Students with overdue, lost, or damaged books will not be able to check out until the books have been returned or paid for.
Take Care of Library Books
Let's have a great year at Oak Point!
Mrs. Ratliff
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