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The Martian

No description

Alexander Tzepos

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of The Martian

The Martian
The Martian
is a fictional story written by Andy Weir
This presentation was created by Alexander Tzepos
Mark Watney was supposed to be one of the first people to walk on Mars until everything went wrong. Due to a 150 mph dust storm NASA ordered the mission be aborted. However, while the astronauts were evacuating the site, Mark was struck by flying debris and thought to be dead by his other crew mates. After waking up alone, Mark quickly learned to adapt to the situation at hand and developed a master plan to survive until NASA would be able to send another mission to Mars. After using his knowledge in botany and mechanics he calculated a way to grow food using a mix of Earth and martian soil to grow potatoes inside his space laboratory. Once he was able to come in contact with Earth using an old radio system abandoned by a previous mission, Mark was ordered to travel to a future mission site where he would launch into space and have his crew mates (who had turned around to save him) intercept his position and bring him back to Earth. After making modifications to one of his two available rovers he was ready to travel to the new site. Mark brought the bare necessities due to lack of room in the rover. Eventually he arrived at the launch site and prepared for his trip into space. Once Mark and his spacecraft had left the martian atmosphere his crew mates were able to recover him form the ship and begin their return trip home.
The Martian
had a very powerful theme. Mark Watney had to fend for his life on the unforgiving planet all alone. Throughout his journey Mark had to find his inner talents such as using his knowledge of mechanics and botany to repair and "grow food on a planet were nothing grows." That is why the theme of
The Martian
is to never give up even if all hope seems lost.
Character Development
Mark Watney is accidentally stranded on Mars and rarely interacts with any other character. In
The Martian
Mark is able to come in contact with people on earth using an old radio system. Mark responds with excitement and develops a slight spark of hope. However, when the radio breaks due to a power surge, he becomes motivated to get the chance to speak to a human again. This motivation is what developed the books theme of survival.
The Martian
Created By Alexander Tzepos
My Recommendation
The Martian
is one of the best books I have ever read. I loved it because it was funny, interesting, and scientifically correct. While I was reading I found that the book was hard to put down. I continued reading every chance I got. My favorite aspect of the book was Andy weir's (author) writing style. The book was easy to read and it made you feel as if you were talking straight to Mark Watney. I also found it interesting that Andy Weir decided to write the book from Mark's perspective and make it look like his journal. I immensely love the setting of the book on Mars because it relates to our possible future of sending a manned mission to Mars. If I were to recommend
The Martian
to anyone it would be someone who enjoys a good science fiction/ adventure book.
My Favorite Paragraph
"All right," Lewis said. "Prep for abort. We'll go to the MAV and hope for the best. If the wind gets to high, we'll launch." Leaving the HAB in pairs, they grouped up outside Airlock 1. The driving wind and sand battered them, but they were able to stay on their feet. "Visibility is almost zero," Lewis said. "If you get lost, home in on my suit's telemetry.The wind is going to be tougher away from the HAB, so be ready." Pressing through the gale, they stumbled towards the MAV, with Lewis and Beck in the lead and Watney and Johanssen bringing up the rear. "Hey," Watney panted. "Maybe we can shore up the MAV. Make tipping less likely." "How?" Lewis huffed. "We could use cables from the solar farm as guidelines." He wheezed for a few moments, then continued. "The rovers could be the anchors. The trick would be getting the line around the-" Flying wreckage slammed watney, carrying him off into the wind. "Watney!" Johanssen exclaimed." (page 136)
This is my favorite section from
The Martian
because this is one of the most action packed parts of the entire book. It is also one of the most important parts of the book because it explains how Mark Watney became stranded on Mars in the first place. I found this section especially interesting because this portion of the book was told as a flashback that occurred while Mark was sleeping resulting in him waking up still deserted on the lonely planet.
The Martian
book cover
Happening Now
The Martian
is currently being made into a major motion picture staring Matt Damon. Below is the official trailer of the new movie.
The Martian
official trailer
About The Author
Andy Weir
The Martian
is his first novel.
At age 15 he was hired as a programer for a national laboratory
He has always worked as a software engineer
His hobbies include studying:
- relativistic physics
- orbital mechanics
- the history of manned space flight
Andy Weir
Below is a picture of what Mark Watney would have looked like in his eva suit on Mars.
Matt Damon playing Mark Watney in
The Martian
The Planet Mars
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