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Maggie A

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Milkweed

Uri finds Misha and takes him in with him. He teaches Misha to be carful and gives him a place to stay, along with other boys including eos, kuba, and many other boys who were also once like Misha. With Uri, Misha learns more about the situation wirh the "jackboots" or the Natzi soldiers. At first Misha wants to become a soldier.
Misha and Uri see tanks from the war coming in with more jackboots. They also see what Misha think are "parades" of people walking day and night, but really are jews being transferred to a different place. Misha starts seeing Jews being tortured and humiliated by jackboots, and thinks that he's glad he's not a jew. Uri constantly reminds him that he is gypsy and are also hated by the jackboots. Misha meets Janina, an eight-year-old jewish girl. They quickly become good friends
Misha always sees parades of people walking and everyday more and more Jews get tortured. One day he sees his friend Janina walking in one of the parades and joins in with her family. They keep walking until the jackboots start building the ghetto which is surrounded by huge walls. All the Jews are forced to live in the ghetto with bad health conditions and crowded places. They starve and are treated like animals by the jackboots. Misha can still get over the wall and feeds his family and the orphans.
Everyone in the ghetto finds out about the trains that are going to transfer everyone into what the Nazi's say " land for only jews" with no rules or soldiers. Everyone in the ghetto is anxious to get on the trains, except Misha and janina's dad. At night while Misha and janina sneak out to steal food, janina's dad tells Misha to escape with Janina and to never come back. The night that the trains come for Misha and his family, janina disobeys Misha and runs for the trains. Misha escapes going on the trains and runs away instead.
Misha ends up on a farm, where a couple of farmers live in. They both claim that Misha has to work there because of a new law. They always say the Misha will soon be able to keep going on his voyage to find his family. Misha stays on the farm, working for the couple for three years.
Jerry Spinelli
The setting of this book changes throughout the story. Some places include in the ghetto and on a farm.
Main character
Misha is a young,naive, and curious young boy. He grows up on the streets of Warsaw during the 1940s. All he knows is that in order to stay alive, he has to steal food from the rich, give some to an orphanage, and keep the rest for himself. He meets and makes many friends and family along his journey.
You will learn a lot more about Misha and his life as you continue to view this Prezi.
The terror and the struggle was very great and those who couldn't handle it, died. The setting of world war 2 itself was very depressing. Those who were Jews had to fear everything. Most of the non jews were able to afford bomb shelters. The jews who were stuck in the ghettos, had no protection whatsoever. Jew later would be sent to concentration camps where they were enslaved, and worked to death
The story takes place in Warsaw Poland during world war 2,or known close by to the holocaust

Life expectancy-76.75
religion-roman catholic 89.8%, eastern Orthodox 1.3%, Protestante 0.3%
literacy-(age 15 and over can read and write)male 99.9%, female 99.6%
Misha doesn't know why everything is destroyed in the ghetto. He then decides to move to America. When he gets there he changes his name to Jack Milagrom. He grows up and works at a convenience store.He gets married and then gets divorced, but still has a daughter. Later, his daughter has a daughter, who is named Janina.
Misha also meets Dr Korzak who was in charge of abandoned jewish children. Dr. Krozak runs an orphanage. When Misha steals food he always saves some for the orphan kids. Fact is that Dr. Korzak was a real person back during world war 2
Misha goes into the ghetto with all the boys, Eos, Kuba. Uri doesn't get put into the ghetto. Misha finds out that Uri betrays the boys and him by turning into a Natzi soldier in order to survive. Uri also warns Misha to tell the boys to run away before they transfer everyone onto trains. Misha doesn't know where the trains will transfer everyone.
Misha doesn't get to be able to go onto the trains after Janina because Uri shoots Misha when he was running towards the trains.Misha now has to go find his family, even if it means heading towards danger and most likely death.
Misha leaves the farm and continues on his voyage, he never finds janina and her family. He moves back to the ghetto and finds that the wall is completely destroyed along with the rooms they stayed in. He sees old guards and asks them why they won't hit jews anymore.
Personal problem:Misha is also hated by the Nazi's because he is a gypsy, who besides jews are the next most hated. while he is trying to stay clear of soldiers, he is also trying to keep his friends and family from starving by stealing food.
Global problem: Nazi's are trying to get rid of all jews and gypsy's. (Genocide)
The main global conflict affects Misha because everyone he knows, including himself are struggling through complicated situations that make living difficult like trying to find a place to live or finding something to eat. The situation impacts a huge part of future generations everywhere, by teaching us about the difficult situations that people had to through because of religion.
Moral story
The moral of this story can be many different things. For some is to appreciate what you have. This story does a great job to show you every that you have and to value them. Like having a family. To others, this story teaches us about history and how to persevere during difficult times, like when Misha had to figure out a way to feed the orphans and his friends and family, when they got put into the ghetto surrounded by huge walls.
Nazi- A member of the
National Socialist German workers party.

Nazi- A member of the National Socialist Germans worker party.
Gypsy-a member of traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade, and fortune-telling.
Jackboot-a nazi soldier
armband- mandatory ID badges that marked them as a jew
Ghetto-put in or restrict to an isolated or segregated area or group

Ratings for Milkweed
Miles-My rating for milkweed was a 4. This was a very heartfelt enjoyable book with amazing detail I highly recommend milkweed
Katie- I give the book a 3 because the book was good but I got a little bored.

A 13 year old red head, skinny strong boy who has always been independent.Either on the streets of Warsaw, or in the ghetto he blends in. He walks like a normal person and steals food for his friends. Later, just so he doesn't get killed, he joins the Nazis. He turns on the group and shoots Misha.
Janina is an eight-year-old annoying little girl in Misha's perspective.She is very outgoing and never afraid to get what she wants. In the story Janina becomes a very loved character by Misha. Later in the book, she is considered Misha's sister.
Maggie-In my opinion, Jerry Spinelli wrote this novel because of it's historical importance. The book itself teaches the readers about the fear, struggle and despair of the events.It is a grim period of time. It has really given me the time to reflect upon the struggles we face now and the past mistakes that occurred.Overall,this book has really made me rethink my choices, it has given me time to overcome the differences of everyone. For that I give it a 3.8
Blake-My rating for Milkweed is a 2.5 because some parts weren't that good and they were confusing.
My rating of the book is a
3 because it was very confusing.
Art in Poland
Polish art has always reflected European trends while maintaining its unique character. Some famous painters include Stanisław Witkiewicz and Jozef Chełmoński.
My connection from the book Milkweed was when Misha and the gang had to go to the ghetto which was a lot alike when my family had to move to England for twenty years then to Ireland and finally to Michigan due to jobs and the economy.At the time England had a terrible economy and very limited jobs then we moved to Ireland for a year but hated it. Then we decided to move to Michigan like when Misha hopped the train and moved to the ghetto -Miles

My connection to the story is that my ancestors lived in Germany and moved to America.-Blake
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