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William Shakespeare

No description

Farzan Dubash

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

Early Life/Travel,Education
-Will Kemp
-acted in many Shakespeare plays (Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Christopher Marlowe
-one of Shakespeare’s early friends
-possibly helped write 4 of Shakespeare’s early plays
-killed in a tavern brawl in 1593
-plague outbreak
-lost siblings to the plague
-Globe closed down in 1593, 1603, 1608
-constant threat of death

Later Years/Death
Obtained coat of arms in 1596
His only son died in 1956
Retired from theatre in 1612
Died on St. George's Day, 1616
Buried under the Holy Trinity church
There is a curse on his tombstone
Middle Years/Life as Playwright
Married a pregnant Anne Hathaway
Worked for Queen Elizabeth and King James
He wrote mainly comedies and histories
first play 1589
4 sons, 2 daughters
lost his only son, Hamnet
because of that, wrote Hamlet
Biography of William Shakespeare
Mysteries/Signature and Portrait
Only 6 known signatures, all spelled differently
Did not have much education
Will mentions no plays or poems
Possibly Edward de Vere (1550-1604)
Poems similar to Shakespeare’s written in early 20's

(Willm Shackper, William Shakspear, Wm Shakspea, William Shackspere, Wllm. Shakspere and Shakspear)
Image courtesy of BBC
Was the third of eight kids
Born to glovemaker John Shakespeare
Mary (Arden) Shakespeare
began school at six or seven
Attended Stratford Grammar School until age 13

The End
Early Life
Born April 23rd 1564
Baptised April 26th 1564
Married Anne Hathaway
at age 18
Poor hygeine
By: Farzan, Colwyn,
Jason, Matthew
Edward de Vere
- 17 Earl of Oxford
-2 masters degrees before age 17
- writing beneath nobility
- Refuted as he died before some plays were penned
Acting career in London
Travelling was dangerous and expensive
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