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Awa (Guaja) Indeginous Culture

No description

Adrian Lim

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Awa (Guaja) Indeginous Culture

Awa (Guaja) Basic Information About This Tribe 1. The Awa Guaja are the only two nomadic tribes living in the forests of Brazil.
2. Every day, men hunt to track the paths of the outsiders and to keep their society safe.
3. Cattle Ranchers invade Awa’s land.
4. The Awa community has 91 people and presumed 25 in 4 years.
5. In the antediluvian times, gold and treasures were underneath the vast land of the Awa.
6. Women from this rare tribe breastfeed little animals, such as mokeys and pigs.
7. Today, the British government fail to expel the cattle rachers, who illegally invade the Awa's land. Now, their land is completely demarcated. How do they live? Why Are They Now Nomads? In the forest, the Awa fish and hunts assiduously, while others gather fruits and nuts and other things that the forest produce. It is a huge step in the progress of civilization, when self- substantial groups of no more than 20-30 Awa people hunts and begin to develop sustainable methods of obtaining food, such as agriculture. Initially, the Awa were probably very settled, for they grew maniocs, a scrubby, tropical, and perennial plant used as food, and planted corn in gardens. Unfortunately, during the 19th and 20th centuries, settlers in the forest displayed an act of antagonism, as they invaded the Awa's land , captivating and forcing them to flee and surrender to avoid to be enslaved or slaughtered brutally. Therefore, the Awa tribe are now nomads to survive and continue to raise their children. They are very poor, and many of the Awa people are dying from various diseases. Due to the settlers, who do illegal businnes, many of the Awa people are getting wiped out instantly. After knowing that the Awa weren't going well, the British goverment setted up these charity groups, such as "Survival International." Hunting With Bow And Arrow How Big Is The Tribe? The population of the Awa range from 300 to 350 people.
In fact, the population is very young, for 48% are under the
age of 14 years. What Food Do They Eat The women harvest bananas, roots and
wild berries, while the men hunt and fish.
Although the Awa treat little monkeys as a sacred animal of the most kind, the Awa kill grown - up monkeys for food. What are their beliefs and faiths? What kind of clothes do they wear? If you glance at these people, you will realize that the Awa’s clothing aren’t really particularly special, compared to other tribes in the forest. Occasionally, the males are naked, other than wearing bright orange headbands and armbands with vivid colors of feathers. The majority of women in the Awa have little, baby monkeys clinging their bodies; the monkeys also wrap their tails around the Awa women’s necks. This is a very traditional act! For more information, women occasionally wear some materials on their bodies.
Tribe Chief Name: Merikidia Gender: Female Old, wrinkled woman Lives In
A Central Hut Arranges Marriages To Delivering Babies Wears Monkey On Head Shares Home With 12 Monkeys By The Awa Guaja don’t particularly and concisely have a major religion. However, as said before, little monkeys are considered the most sacred animals to the Awa tribe. The monkeys eat and sleep with the women, are breastfeed ed from them, and even are raised as children to them. That’s the most constituent and faithful part of the Awa’s lives. There is another belief that the Awa believe. In the antediluvian times of the Awa till now, the Awa still believes whenever a member of their society dies, the person’s spirit will be taken away by a beautiful and agile Jaguar. Conditions They Live In? Hot Temperature Tropical Around 28 degrees Rural How Was It Originated? Originated before 1500s Found By A
Portugese Explorer More Than 5 million tribes
in the Amazon in 1500s Thanks For Watching!
By Adrian Lim & Ashwin Misra
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