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No description

Joe Jiammarino

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Redeployment

Chapter 1 (Page 1)

Story begins off with, "We shot dogs. Not by accident. We did it on purpose, and we called it Operation Scooby." The reason was because the stray dogs were drinking the blood of the dead. Not the American dead either. However, killing dogs is the least of the worries. First thing is about who is in the house you are about to raid and what are they armed with. Whether or not you or one of your buddies is going to be killed. Block by block you go with rifles that it shot is good to 550 meters. Your killing 5 guys at a time. Time to think comes after everything is over, when you have time. After deployment they send you a base to decompress away from combat. Aka jerk off in showers, smoke cigarettes, and play cards. Before a flight back home on a commerical airliner from Kuwait.
Psychological Operations
Chapter 9 (Page 188)
An Amry soldier in Amherst College is telling a girl, Zara, about his time overseas. A Marine just shot an Iraqi Insurgent for the first time and is showing off to this Army soldier who does PsyOps. "'It happens slowly,' I said.""I'd look up for second and then back, to try to catch a change. The corporal kept looking at the doorways, as if were worried some senior Marine would see me there and chew us all out." He is looking at the body of the Iraqi. The Marine who shot him keep saying, "He's dead he'll fade for sure." He was looking through an infared scope that detects heat signatures. Somebody who was just killed their heat signature would eventually fade under the scope. The Army soldier looking through couldn't tell if he was fading or not would wave his finger in front to tell difference. Nothing. The scope creates this weird contrast of the environment the reason for waving fingers in front to get an outline of something. Then he jumped startling the Marines. Corporal yelled what did you see. Said he saw body flinch. Marine looked said he wasn't moving. Maybe gas or something escaping body. Everyone was mad at the Army soldier. Then he looked back it seemed darker. So the Iraqi Insurgent must have died
Ten Kliks South
Chapter 12 (age 272)
Artillerymen are eating lunch after their morning of firing artilley on human targets for the first time. One man asked, Jewett, "How many insurgents do you think we killed?" Sergeant Deetz respondes with, "Platoon-sized element." One responds saying that ridiculious because insurgents don't have platoons. Then they go on saying they didn't need the whole battery (six artillery guns, 9 Marines per gun) to fire two rounds each. But they say they propably just wanted everone to have a shot at a real target. They gone saying just one round from one gun would have been enough. Sergeant Deetz disagrees saying it was necessary for the platoon sized element. Needed all the guns to fire two rounds each. Jewett then say he just meant their gun how many did they kill. Narrator says there is forty to a platoon so divide that by six so got about six point six. Sanchez takes out a notebook comes up with some numbers. Saying divide six point six by nine and you about zero point seven. "That's like, a torso and head. Or maybe a torso and a leg."
The End
By: Phil Klay
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