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First day back

No description


on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of First day back

Work as a team
Be supportive
Listen to each other
Things TO remember
Please bring your draft book to every lesson. You will keep your best book here. You also need a pen, pencil, ruler, reading book and your organiser with you.

Don’t doodle on either book or your work will be rewritten during your own time, your book will have to be covered or you may be asked to buy a new one!

Your work should be completed to the best of your ability and neatly presented. All titles should be underlined, all pictures drawn in pencil and all writing in pen.

You will not shout out, be rude or inconsiderate.

You will be given reading homework each week – your Reading Record is on page 18 of
your organiser. Don’t forget!
Learning Objective:
To reflect upon your learning from last year in order to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Respect equipment
Keep tidy
Review my work
Ask if I need help
Give 100%
Bring equipment
Do not talk when she is
Listen carefully
Creating a story
can you include the following in a story?
Tired Tree

Apple River

Cloak Fingers
English & me
Last year in English…
I think I am currently working at level....
I think I am good at....
I need more help with ...
Last year I enjoyed...
I do not enjoy...
What is English?
Think about this question carefully.

What is English?

In your draft books write down your answer to this question…

There is no right or wrong answer!
to English at Lutterworth High School
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