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Social Media @ UNDP

Focus: China

UNDP Social Media

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Social Media @ UNDP

7.433 people talk actively about UNDP’s Facebook page
~ 200.000 people see UNDP content / week Digital Communication: The Worldwide Picture UNDP’s Senior Management is on Twitter!
@helenclarkundp @Rgrynspan
@heraldomunoz @csultanoglu

https://twitter.com/UNDP/colleagues/members Numbers
over 157 UNDP Staff tweet weibo.com/undpchina
A new study has revealed the extent to which journalists from around the world are using social media both as a source of news, and to verify stories already being worked on.

In their Digital Journalism Study, Oriella surveyed 600 journalists and discovered that more than half (55 percent) used social channels such as Twitter and Facebook to find stories from known sources, and 43 percent verified existing stories using these tools.

26 percent of respondents said that they used social media to find stories from sources they did not know, and almost one in five (19 percent) verified work in progress from sources unknown to them. Now 55% of Journalists Worldwide Use Twitter, Facebook To Source News Stories Live Facebook & Reddit chats Regular Twitterchats Milestones
Interactive chats with UN Development Chief Helen Clark Influencers that actively engaged or re-tweeted UNDP messaging in April 2013 included: Recent examples of influencer outreach undp.org/live Milestones
Interactive Events
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