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Innovative Technologies

AAM Presentation, Los Angeles Spring, 2010

Jack Ludden

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Innovative Technologies

Collaboration Interaction Distribution Delivery Balboa Park Central
Balboa Park Cultural Partnership
Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego
Mingei International Museum
Museum of Photographic Arts
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
San Diego Air & Space Museum
San Diego Automotive Museum
San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum
San Diego Historical Society
San Diego Junior Theatre
San Diego Museum of Art
San Diego Museum of Man
San Diego Natural History Museum
San Diego Youth Symphony
Spanish Village Art Center
Timken Museum of Art
The Old Globe
WorldBeat Center
Zoological Society of San Diego
Realize savings through collaborative effort,
Improve public access to Balboa Park content,
Increased cultural tourism,
Enhance organizational capability,
Enable collaboration that would not otherwise have been possible,
And move BPOC towards sustainability.
Interactive Exhibits at the Newseum Today’s Front Pages Gallery Facebook – Newsmania Live Newsmania Online http://www.newseum.org/newsmania/ Distribution Facebook Rita The Requisite Fact Sheet Source : The Pew Center for Research 57% of online Americans use some form of social networking
75% of online news consumers get news forwarded through email or social networks
52% say they share links to news with others 37% of internet users have created, commented on or distributed news via social media. Introduction Allegra Burnette

Rich Cherry Jack Ludden Paul Sparrow Creative Director, Digital Media
The Museum of Modern Art An agile organization can keep you relevant!
Champion innovation that moves your organization forward
Own your content, but give it away
Engage Your Visitors
Innovative Technology:
Breaking down barriers between the physical and virtual museum experience Director of Balboa Park Online Collaborative
Vice President/Broadcasting and New Media Deputy Director
Manager of the Web Group and New Media Development
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Collaboration Interaction Delivery Today’s Front Pages on the Web Top Ten http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/default.asp Conclusion It's a balancing act! Keep your eye on the ball Most important... Be interative Thank you!

Allegra Burnette

Rich Cherry

Jack Ludden

Paul Sparrow “An expert is a person who has made all the
mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”
– Niels Bohr
The J. Paul Getty Museum WEBSITE PHYSICAL
LOCATIONS Collaborative Publishing
& Engagement Virtual Environments Social Networking Content Aggregators Digital Communications Mobile Devices Allegra Burnette
Rich Cherry Jack Ludden Paul Sparrow The Museum of Modern Art Balboa Park
The J. Paul Getty Trust MoMA on Facebook:
Approx. 350k fans currently
average of 3-4,000 interactions a week
MoMA on Twitter:
Approx. 175k followers currently
10-20 tweets per week MoMA vs. Non-MoMA content Centralized content:
Other Inspire them with your vision Where are we coming from? connectors An agile organization can keep you relevant!
Inspire them with your vision
Own your content, but give it away
Delivery Interaction Collaboration Distribution HAVE FUN!!! Conservation
Institute Trust Research
Institute Museum Foundation Web Group Different Audiences Different Priorities Different Digital Needs Newsmania Kiosk
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