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Still Life Collage with Artist Examples

Introduction to collage, torn paper collage, and still life for 6th Grade Art

Lindsey Foushee

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Still Life Collage with Artist Examples

What is collage?
An artwork made up of cut or torn materials pasted to a surface
In French means "to glue"
Types of Collage
Still Life
What is a still life?
Still life
An artwork of an arrangement of objects
The objects commonly include fruit and flowers in bowls and glassware
Project Criteria
Small pieces of torn paper
Color and texture match
Use of complementary colors
No white space

Still Life Collage
Torn Paper Collage
Still Life Collage
Complementary Colors
What are complementary colors?
Complementary colors
Colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel
Mixed Media
Torn Paper
Photo Collage
Digital Media
Glass or Stone
Romare Bearden
Bearden used newspapers, magazines, photocopies, painted papers, and more to create scenes from his life.
Jesse Treece
Using vintage magazines and books, Treece creates surreal collages, often using images of space and children.
Eileen Downes
Downes uses torn papers to "paint" a picture. She often relies on text from the original paper, layering, and the torn edges to create texture.
Annegret Soltau
German artist Annegret Soltau constructs collage using photographs of her own face and body, stitched with black thread.
British artist Stezaker’s collages use glamorous 1950s portraits of suited men and movie stars, mashed together with postcards, landscapes and other faces.
John Stezaker
Jati Putra
Indonesian digital artist Putra works with large-scale environments, distorting images through a process of digital bending and layering that confuses the senses as to where is up or down.
Seb Janiak
Parisian photographer & digital artist Janiak uses the idea of mimicry & adapting to the environment to digitally turn wings into flowers.
Vik Muniz
Brazilian artist Muniz uses torn paper to recreate famous paintings by artists like Van Gogh and Manet.
California artist Axelrad uses tiny scraps of fabric to create detailed landscapes.
Merle Axelrad
Gee's Bend Quilters
Gee's Bend is a small, isolated Alabama community, mostly descended from slaves. Quiltmakers have produced patchwork quilts beginning as far back as the mid-1800s through the present.
Atsuko Laskaris
Lin Schorr
Atsuko is a Japanese artist who uses tile, stone & colored glass to create intricate works with subtle colors.
Schorr builds her mosaics from tile, stained glass, stone, and glass & metal beads to create both realistic & abstract designs.
Joseph Cornell
Louis Nevelson
Influenced by the Surrealists, Cornell took collage into new directions with assemblage. He collected 2D & 3D materials for his intricate filled wooden boxes.
Nevelson used discarded objects from debris piles to create monumental wall sculptures, influenced by Marcel Duchamp's found object sculptures and "readymades."
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