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Sikhism vs. Shintoism

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Adele Angus

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Sikhism vs. Shintoism

Sikhism vs. Shintoism
The two religions I have decided to do my presentation on are Sikhism and Shintoism. I chose to focus on the differences between Shintoism and Sikhism because they are more different than alike.
Followers and Location
The amount of people who practice Sikhism is over 20 million worldwide while the amount of people who practice Shintoism is estimated to be 3 million. Sikhism originated in India and Shintoism originated in Japan.
In Shintoism, you make offerings to kami at your home and at a shrine and perform purification rituals. But in Sikhism, ,you attend worships at gurdwaras, you pray and meditate on God's name, and you balance work, worship, and charity.
In Sikhism, humans go through reincarnation until they resolve their karma and merge with God. In Shintoism death is impure, some people become kami after they die.


Monotheism vs. Polytheism
While Sikhism is monotheistic and believes in Waheguru, Shintoism is polytheistic and believes in multiple gods or the kami whick is the gods or spirits in Shintoism.
Meaning of Life
In Sikhism the purpose of your life is to overcome the self, align yourself with the will of God, and become a "saint soldier" fighting for good. In Shintoism, humans are pure by nature and and can keep away evil by performing rituals and can find good by calling on the kami.
Sikhism vs. Shintoism
by Adele Angus
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