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Appalachian Honey

Business Plan

Alex Melville

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of Appalachian Honey

Double click anywhere & add an idea Executive Summary Appalachian Honey Selling Honey Candles Honey Treats All while supporting the environment and local Vermont beekeepers by: -Returnable/Recyclable Glass Jars -Only all natural honey -Fair affordable prices for apiarists What type of Business is Appalachian Honey? We are a partnership specializing in honey products bought from a variety of beekeepers and then repackaged and sold through 3 venues: Factory
Retail stores such as general stores or Price Chopper
Online We hope to expand from at first the Upper Valley... ...To Vermont... ...and eventually to all of New England To Finance Appalachian Honey
we need: One Million Dollars 150,000-Equipment
200,000- Facilities
200,000-Worker Salary
150,000-Transportation The Product Variety of flavors With: 8 oz. 32 oz. No artificial sweeteners No artificial coloring No hormones of any kind Honey Sticks Easy on-the-go straws Made from reusable plastics In many different flavors Beeswax Candles Obtained from scraping the a thin layer of wax surrounding every honeycomb Does not damage hive Accessories Reused plastics All natural Marketing Honey Market $15 million NE market Largest producers California and Florida Appalachian Honey $5 million Excellent mileu for AH because NE has a very small market for honey Marketing Technique Buyers of honey like to learn
about what they're buying Highlight the history and benefits of apiculture at least 10,000 years old
immensly imporant to agriculture
naturally- antibacterial
helps stomach ulcers
decreases allergy symptoms Barriers High production costs High transportation costs (12 pounds per gallon) Benefits Low employee costs Inelasticity of demand Lack of Unions General Company Description Product and Services Honey prices •$15 for 32 oz jar…return for $1
•$10 for 20 oz jar…return for $1
•$7 for 12 oz jar…return for $1
•$4 for 8 oz jar…return for $0.50 Flavors •Alfalfa
•Sage Minimal pasteurization is used to maintain natural antioxidant/ enzyme levels The types of honey are characterized by the flowers the bee pollinate •6 inch pillar—$0.75
•tea candle—$0.25 each Beeswax candles Services By buying from Appalachian Honey, a contribution is also made
to the apiarists of Vermont Our company is Vermont based, and supports the state's economy Reduces gasoline use and pollution by buying local Honey is a complex sugar that has both nutritional and medicinal qualities Pollination by bees is a great agricultural boon for the entire country Advantages Healthy Choice Supports Vermont Disadvantages -competition with other honey marketers
-reliance on health of bees
dependence on weather, habitat
--possibility of disease Our company strives to
supply the highest quality honey to our customers Appalachian Honey will replace any product that does not meet customer satisfaction Mission Statement
Appalachian Honey guarantees high quality, all natural honey products while offering fair prices to all providing Vermont beekeepers and preserving the authenticity of Vermont's economy. Core Values Fair prices to providers
Pure and superb quality
Benefits VT economy
All natural prudency What is important to
Appalachian Honey -Pride in our product
-Returning customers
-Seeing people enjoy our honey Company Goals 1 year= Upper Valley

3 years= Vermont

10 years=New England
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