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Two Groups Mystery


Luke Taylor

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of Two Groups Mystery

There are two groups of
people in the world.
Group A
Group B
Informed about the world
Allowed to ask questions about anything they want
Work together to change things they don't like
Discuss plans for the future
Choose to work in jobs that are interesting to them
Work in jobs that they think are important
Make plans that affect the lives of everyone in society (especially group B)
Work at whatever jobs Group A says need to be done
Can't ever decide to get a different kind of job
Only get to know about their jobs, their family, or things Group A decides to tell them
1. Which group would you rather be in and why?
2. Which group do you think has more money? Why?
3. If you were in group B, what would you be willing to do to move to group A?
4. If you were in group B, would you want your kids to move to group A? Would you sacrifice to make that happen?
5. Which group do you think you are in right now?
In the 1400's, almost all people were in Group B.
Right now in our country we do our best to make sure all children end up in group A. You are in Group A.
In the 1440's there was an invention. Ever since, the population of the world has been shifting to Group A.
6. So, guess what the groups are.
Can read.
7. Are you living like you are in Group A? Why or why not?
9. So, What should you change about your reading life?
8. Why do lawyers make so much money?
Answer: they can read things that other people can't.
They have a specialized vocabulary.
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