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M&M Challenge

No description

Melisa Ramirez

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of M&M Challenge

M&M Survival Challenge
Problem Statement
Which M&M color will be most
likely to survive in each habitat?
Yulissa Canela
Period 4
If we place All M&M and Skittles colors together into a plate then the brown M&M's will most likely survive it's habitat because predators are more attracted to the bright colors.
In the wild there are two types of animals the hunters
and the hunted. What can an animal do to stay off the menu? To survive, some animals use camouflage so they can better blend in with their surroundings. In this project you will be the hungry predator hunting for M&M prey. But it may not be as easy as it sounds- some of your prey will be camoufalged by their habitat. Will they be able to avoid your grasp? To find out work up the appetite and go hunting.
6 plastic baggies
M&M 10 of each color
Skittles 60 of each color
Paper plate
Stop watch/timer
2-4 volunteers
Melisa Ramirez
Period 4
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