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Special Program Funding

No description

Becky Thompson

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Special Program Funding

Special Program Funding
Establishing,Developing, and Maintaining a House System
One School Four Houses
By Becky Thompson
Admin 528
May 7, 2017

Dalrymple, E. (2017, May 4). House System Funding [Interview by B. A. Thopson].

Cherry Hills Christian began 2016-2017 School year implementing a House System for our students.
There are four houses based around the verse Mark 12:30-31
Heart House, Soul House, Mind House, and Strength House
Our school has 45 essentials that guide our behavior, performance, and interaction. All the essentials fall into 1 of 3 categories Courtesy, Character, or Communication
The house leaders (made up of 4 to 5 teachers and 4 peers) are responsible for mentoring, disciplining, and creating accountability with the members in their house
Houses help to foster school pride and create a strong environment for both social interaction and academic performance for the student body
Students served
The House System was designed to create smaller student groups within the larger 300 plus student body.
The smaller groups foster a closer family like atmosphere and more personal accountability within the student body.
House groups compete throughout the year to foster teamwork
Houses essentially serve our entire student body.
House design and support helps our at risk students with both behavior issues as well as academic issues because it creates and environment of accountability for them in these areas
Several elements needed funding
House T-shirts for the student body
Teacher PD and visits to RCA to look at their House system
Student rewards, House banquets, etc.
Student Leader Training Conference
Staff Retreat
Dodge for a cause
and more
Most of the initial funding was provided by funds raised by the Parent Council during our 2015/2016 Fundraiser
Funds to maintain the house system, PD for new teachers, and continuing leadership conferences of student leaders will also come from money raised by Parent Council and a 1% tuition raise for students
Program Continuation
Over the next three years we will be introducing other concepts through the house system such as mission opportunities experienced withing houses rather than by grades
Beginning of the year "House" retreat for each house
Letterman jackets as a reward for being an exemplary example within your house in living out our three categories of essentials
Program evaluation
The program will be evaluated through.....
Staff reflection during summer workshops
Revisiting RCA from time to time to continue to gather ideas on how to strengthen our system
Look at academic data as well as behavior reports throughout each year to see if the mentor and accountability provided through the house structure is making a difference
Use of staff, student, and parent surveys in an effort to gather genuine, honest feedback on outside opinions of the house system
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