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Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

National ASAP


on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy WHY Brief Overview of UCR Public institution located in So. Cal
Part of the University of California system
20,000 student population
Diverse campus
58% are first-generation college students
Featured on "Undercover Boss" UCR 2011 UCOP Student Affairs Notable Private Universities Public vs. Traditions are critical for engagement
Taught the importance of philanthropy from the beginning
Alumni play a role in inspiring students to give Not typically as focused on history & traditions
Need programs to encourage student philanthropy
Alumni do not pass on the tradition of giving Why Student Philanthropy is Vital It creates a sense of tradition
Future alumni are trained to give back
Provides additional revenue
Helps school rankings HOW Researched and consulted nationally recognized universities that have hosted dance marathons. Who We Sponsored Participants were more receptive to the required fundraising because of the beneficiary. The Guardian Scholars Program:

Provides educational assistance to former foster children at UCR
Helping students on our own campus
Professor Tuppet Yates oversees G.S. and is beloved on campus How We Got Started... Started with zero initial funding
Detailed budget
Applied for funding through student government
Partnered with campus departments
Held fundraisers
Piggy bank
Donations for raffle prizes and food Marketing Funding Difficult to market an event no one has ever heard of:
Posters and Flyers
Website: testimonials of organizers
Facebook, Twitter
Used connections with university Office of Strategic Communications
Flashmobs Challenges of beginning a new program with little planning time
Developed a committee of experienced volunteers
Created a detailed timeline
Held weekly committee meetings
Three advisers directly oversaw the process WHAT
Event time 6:00 - midnight
Participants could register as teams or individuals
Required to raise a minimum of $25 per person
Trophies awarded for individual and group that raised the most
Groups encouraged to dress up for spirit award Challenges Cost Cutting Tips Results Campus buy-in
Little planning time
Finding funding
Minimum fundraising requirement Over 200 participants
Initially raised $14,734.14 for the Guardian Scholars
Amounts to 1/2 of the yearly operating cost for G.S.!
G.S. students felt like part of the community
Students educated about philanthropy & G.S. The Right Side of the Gym Before... After... Before... After... The Left Side of the Gym Zero of the participant funding raised was used to cover operating costs.
Use campus resources
Online fundraising websites that do not require an upfront fee
Give incentives for higher fundraising
Raise $50 to get a t-shirt or
Limit # of t-shirts to first 200 people to sign in
Use "partial sponsorships" creatively Trophies Top Fundrasing Team Most Spiritied Top Individual Fundraiser THON at Penn State Largest student-run philanthropic event
Began in 1973
Raised $2,000 in its first year
Broke $12 Million in 2013 Northwestern
Started in 1975
Raised $9,000 in its inaugural year
Raised $1.2 million in 2013
Split beneficiary Developing the Program Getting approval to move forward was difficult.
Determined best practices & adapted to fit our needs
Developed a 13 page proposal with details
Details of DM setup and description of event
Detailed budget including staff & volunteer time
Determined beneficiary
Partnered with Golden Key Honour Society Used Crowdrise for online fundraising (no upfront fees)
Campus Resources
Borrowed a stage
Used the gym for the venue
Partnered with Police department to waive security requirement
Used student performers and DJ How it Worked Event Participants registered; first 200 in the door received t-shirts
Gym broken up into to sections: dance floor & games side
Participants waited in the lobby until 6:00
Were greeted with a spirit tunnel & student performance Event Continued... Detailed entertainment & food schedule to keep students entertained. Scheduled hourly:
Raffle prizes
Student performances
Game section with prizes to avoid boredom
Dance Marathon line dance!
Club DM for an hour before the big reveal SAA!!! "Doesn't seem feasible" "Good luck with that..." "Not possible without initial funding..." Dance Marathon Recap Reaching $15,000 Initial goal of $10,000 was considered "lofty" and "unattainable"
$3,000 was raised three weeks prior
$10,000 at two weeks prior
Raised our goal to $13,000
Week of the event, the goal was raised to $15,000
Did not quite make $15,000 After viewing the recap video, a faculty member donated the additional funding needed to reach $15,000 Cost Cutting Continued... Reach out to companies for sponorships
Funding or in-kind
Rally up businesses near campus
Advertise for free
Flashmobs - be creative!
Social media
Facebook status pictures
Use student film groups for commercials
Get university communication involved Super Piggy
Saving Dance Marathon
one penny at a time! Article on official UCR news site SO CLOSE!!! Other Tips Sponsors
Connect with a 501 (c) 3 when possible
Many sponsors require six months or more
Be aware of any conflict of interest
Think outside the box
Research grant possibilities both on & off campus
Give yourself enough time to plan!
Consider using a campus beneficiary
Children's Miracle Network Questions?
Contact info:

Alyssa Heckmann (SAA President)

Jane Kim (VP External Relations) jkim193@ucr.edu

Kristin Seiler (Adviser)
kristin.seiler@ucr.edu UCR Student Alumni Association Established in 1987
Over 650 members
Closed and open membership
Career-focused programming
UCR's 2012 Student Organization of the Year
Multiple CASE/ASAP awards for programming including two national awards for the Career Conference series
Winning! Foster Youth
70% of teens who emancipate from foster care report that they want to attend college, but less than 1% graduate from a 4-year university.
Within 18 months of emancipation 40-50% of foster youth become homeless.
Only 46% of former foster youth complete high school (compared to 84% of the general population).
Former foster youth are found to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)at 2 times the level of U.S. war veterans. Volunteers
hard at work! Developing the Program Continued... Funding Continued... MOVING FORWARD DM2013 Held on February 23, 2013
More time to plan!
Restructured committee
Directors and chairs
Partnered with Housing University communication DM2013 Continued
Much more support from campus and corporate sponsors
More awareness
Tons of giveaways
Over 450 participants
18,214.25 raised! Programming Tips Give people activities to do
Minute to Win it
Change out every hour
On stage competitions
Hourly line dance
Student performances Overview Why
Tips & Tricks
Full transcript