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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Alaisja Hartfield

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Kristen Stewart

Alaisja Hartfield Kristen Stewart Hobbies Awards >Why I Admire this person >Timeline >Kristen Stewart acting career was in motion long
before the Twilight movies, however. She had already
received good reviews for her acting ability in other
projects. In fact, Kristen has been nominated for a
Young Artist Award four times.One nomination
occurred in 2002 for her role in Panic Room. Another
was for Into the Wild. >I admire Kristen Stewart because she plays in
"Twilight" which is one of my favorite movies and
she works hard far as starring in movies and is a
great director. >1990: Kristen Stewart was born.
>1999:Kristen Stewart makes her first TV
appearance in the Disney Channel production
"Thirteenth Year".
>2001:Kristen stars in her first movie, "The
Safety of Objects".
>2002:Kristen stars opposite Jodie Foster in
"Panic Room".
>2005:Kristen acts in the space fantasy Zathura .
>2008:Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in "Twilight".
>2009:Kristen stars again as Bella Swan in "New Moon".
Kristen Stewart By.Anita Yusuda >Kristen Jaymes Stewart was born on April 9, 1990,
in Los Angeles, California.

> While still young , her family moved to Colorado for
a few years before returning to Los Angeles, where they lived ever since.Kristen's father,John, is a television producer. Her mother, Jules, is a script supervisor.
Kristen has three brothers, Cameron, Dana, and Taylor. > Kristen Stewart graduated from high school
while filming the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.
It was a great achievement for the busy actor.A
picture was taken on the movie set of Kristen in her cap and gown, receiving her diploma, dressed as Bella. >Kristen Stewart hobbies are to "Act in movies
that have a great story" like Twilight Zone playing as Bella Swan.

>Kristen Stewart other hobbies are to be an entertainer,director,and actor. Career Information Kristen Stewart's whole family worked behind the camera
she thought she would become a writer/director.Kristen
Stewart acting began at age eight, after an agent saw her
perform in her elementary school's Christmas play.

>After a year of auditioning, Stewart first role was a small
nonspeaking part in the Disney Channel original film
"The Thirteenth Year" Achievements/Honors THE END THANKS FOR
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